Farquhar tea time

Friday, December 19, 2014

Most of my friends had been asking me why am I so chilled and relaxed nowadays, 
just basically enjoy life every single day, do stuff that I wanted to and hang out with friends that I have known for ages, just catching up and laugh about our comedic past.
The thing is, 
I had been worried for too long, 
worry about life, education, if I'll get a job or what people will say about me if I do this, or wear that... etc. 
Although I'm just 19, *soon-to-be 20*
I keep forgetting the fact that I'm still just 19, 
still a teenager that make mistakes, 
and still am learning from my fucked up mistakes. 
Being afraid of everything, is as if I've been constantly living under outsider's surveillance, 
if I have a choice to, 
I would rather lose the amount of followers on instagram or whichever website just to trade back my private life, 
but even if I delete my entire account, 
My name will still exist in this world,  
same goes to my image. 
So why not, live my life to the fullest for now ? :)
and since everything is what it is right now *if that makes sense*, 
let it be, and follow the flow :)
I'm really trying to penetrate myself with positive thoughts, 
I've been a pessimist according to Malcolm and no doubt he's right, 
guess I'll have to change that ._. 

back to my main topic, 
this is actually my first time having afternoon tea in Farquhar Mansion & I really do expect a lot from this place since a lot of my friends had been visiting this place again and again. 
They really did not let me down, 
to be honest, 
I swear they have the most patient waiters ever haha! 

I went there with 2 of my girlfriends, 
Shilyne & Xin hoong. 
This is actually a portion for one person for their tea time, 

This is a portion for 2.

1st layer :)

3rd layer!
these 2 are my favorite layers, 
I don't quite fancy the 2nd layer though.

Seriously loving the ambience. 

Lipstick stain <3 

my girliesssss <3

Outfit of the day ?

Thank you once again for reading, 
much love!

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