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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello guys !!! 
I had blogged about facial products, beauty products etc etc
But so far I haven't shared my any facial treatment here on my blog. 
The other day right before Christmas I was invited by Belle de Jour to their anniversary party and was also given a chance to try out their amazing treatment.
I was advised to try out the Catio Vital treatment as I was told that my skin could need some cleansing & extra hydration. 

I know most of the time my skin looks perfectly fine from my pictures, 
but please do take notice that photoshop exists in this 21st century, as well as amazing beauty camera effects. 
However, apart from having deceiving pictures, 
I have zero clue about my skin condition apart from it being a little bit dehydrated from time to time.
My skin consultation was assisted by Irene, 
she is so friendly and relatable to the extent that although my skin looks bad from the screen, she didn't make me feel awkward or uncomfortable having her explain about my skin. 

My skin was okay in overall, no extreme breakouts or any serious wrinkles YET. :p
But my main problem was DEHYDRATION .
Which is bad enough. 
think about it, dry skin leads to skin peeling and naturally, our makeup won't even stay naturally on our skin, it will appear flaky and cakey. 

Therefore, Irene is so kind to specially arranged a full HYDRATING facial products for my facial treatment !

Ahhhhh so comfortable I can't wait to sleep already! 

early in the morning scaring you guys with extreme nude face :p

So how will the treatment be done?
Step 1: Cleansing/removing makeup
Step 2: The beautician introduce me to a special kind of scrub which has absolutely zero exfoliants, and when it is done scrubbing our skin, the texture of the liquid will then turn into a more moist and oily texture.
Step 3: Deep Cleansing with a thermal mask. 
the mask is a mask attached with a heater that will deep cleanse our pores!
*I fell asleep during this session*
Step 4: Catio Vital Double Ionisation Treatment
Catio Vital treatment included the use of 2 electro massager, 
a black and a red, 
black represented the Negative electro that helps the stimulation of facial muscular
and red electro helps us to stimulate the facial toxins.
The total treatment duration is 90 minutes.

First off, they apply a thick layer of gel all over our face and will use both black and red electro to massage our entire face to let our skin absorb the moisture better and also stimulates our muscle so that our face will appear more firm and lifted after. 

 I would love to show you the results but if and only if we can spot the hydration difference on screen, 
but its okay! I can still show you how clear and clean my face is now :D

How do I love the result?
I enjoyed it so much, I actually fell asleep hahaha!
I suggest all of you girls to try at least once in your life, or every once a month if possible, 
as you girls should understand that applying makeup everyday is not only tiring for our skin, 
but also gradually degrades our skin condition. 
This Catio Vital treatment initially costs RM380 per treatment, 
Belle de Jour is super kind for giving an extra privilege to my readers, 
Just mention my name "Jxhia Wong" & you can get this special discount! 
Easy right? ;)

Book your dates now!
04-229 6399

Location: Jalan Kelawei, George Town, Penang, 10250

Hope you find this post helpful !
I'm going to sleep now guyssss :p

Nights !

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