Christmas Dinner @ Zenzero Restaurant Wine & Bar

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello loves! 
I'm finally updating again, 
and I'm super excited about these few pending posts that I have in mind for my blog, 
as it is all about my KL trip with Carmen Layrynn & Chenelle for Christmas, 
and New Years eve with my love!
We actually unwrapped our christmas gifts on Christmas eve, but I'll leave that to the next post because I feel that Christmas dinner should come first as our order got a little bit messed up HAHAH
so Christmas literally came early for us this year :p

I'm actually glad that I came down to spend my Christmas eve and the day itself with my beloved friends, 
One [Carmen] which had always been by my side when I needed her, and although we'd only been friends for 2 years, it kind of seems like we've known each other for ages.
The other One [Chenelle] who I've only know this year but had been nothing but sincere to me ever since we met.
Its such a blessing having a group of friends like that on Christmas day :)
Too comfortable to the extent I'm so beh paiseh go dinner with them while knowing the both of them are bringing their boyfriends there, and my boyfriend was in Hongkong that time, hahahahah!
so technically its a double date + 1 :p

Your's truly :)

Our appetizers 

Salad ! :)

Carmen's salad :)

 Me and Jer ordered squid ink risotto :)

Chenelle's salmon :)

Carmen's cord fish that looks like a jungle :p

Jimmy's dish! 

Our dessert ! <3

And of course, how can I forget about my love although he's all the way in hongkong?
we face time throughout the entire dinner so that it feels like as if he's there with me <3

Such a wonderful night with lots of laughters and conversations, 
the amazing part is having great food with and also great companions. 
Seriously, a night to remember. 
It would be great if my bff Yvonne could come along too, but its okay! many years to comeee <3

So how did you guys spend your Christmas night?
I hope all of you are doing well, 
and good night.

Location: Zenzero Restaurant Wine & Bar @ KL 



  1. I feared that since the place we chose for our corporate events was at a Country Club my guests would see people leaving as they were coming in. But we had no issues.

  2. lovee every pictures and of course everyyy momment we've spent together! xx

    1. Awwwww hope to meet up with both of you baobeis again <3

  3. Hey! Can I know where's your top from? :)

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