Gift exchanging!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hi loves!
I'm going to update about Christmas eve now although I already posted about Christmas dinner. 
So right on Christmas eve, me & Carmen headed over to Chenelle's place in KL for a mini christmas gathering. 
Carmen & Jer cooked a lovely dinner for us! So thoughtful of them <3
So we headed to publika to grab some groceries before heading home to cook!

Pattern banyak banyak thanks to Chenelle :p

Pichaa pichaaa before dinner! 

So freaking yummyyyyyy <3 
Thanks buddies, love you guys so much! x

Okay, a mini disclaimer here. 
I know most of you will say I'm trying to brag or show off my gifts to the world which is untrue. 
I just want to share with some of you who might be curious, 
if you feel uncomfortable reading this part of the post, please click exit :)
I just really appreciate the effort put into these pretty little gifts given by my girls <3

A precious little hand made Christmas card made by my darling Chenelle <3
I seriously love it SOOOOOO MUCH! 
So much effort eh D:


3rd gift from my little lover Carmen <3
Christmas socks that will keep my tiny feet warm :D
she knows what I love best!

2nd gift was a mini photobook of my daily photos and lots and lots of our photoshoot pictures <3 <3
Honestly the best gift I had received so far! 

My main Christmas gift + Birthday gift <3
Frends headphone & earphones !!!!!
She knows that I had been wanting this pair of headphones so badly but didn't want to spend an amount of money on just a pair of headphones :'((( 
Thanks bunny booooo <3

Card from darling Chenelle <3

A mini bottle of hand folded stars with the sweetest mini note inside :'(((( <3
please becareful next time, don't hurt yourself again ehhh :( 

Main gift from Chenelle! 
it smells damn nice !!! I actually got one of these miniature gucci for my bff Yvonne before because I just loveeee the scent!
You know my taste so well darl C <3

Christmas wouldn't be entirely complete without you guys <3
thank you for everything and hopefully we can celebrate together every year ! 
Love you girlssss <3

Here's a mini vlog about Christmas eve -->
hope you guys like it ! 
Location: Chenelle's Crib @ KL