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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello peeepo!
I’n finally back from my mini getaway to singapore, 
and I’m here to share my experience in Focus Optometry last sunday :D
The people were all so friendly there! they welcome us with some refreshments and snacks.

I was blessed to have my beloved girlfriends there to accompany me and choose some glasses frames to make my new glasses! 

So first off, we were welcome and introduced by Kwen, 
he explained to us briefly about the eye treatments available in Focus Optometry, 
as well as letting us test try the machines ourselves! 
We tried the Corneal Compensated tonometry machine first, 
it is a machine to measure IOP or eye pressure. 
This tonometry is different from the usual once as it takes into account for measurements error induced by corneal biomechanics, it produce a more accurate result! 

We were told that a pressure will be splashed into our eyes, 
and yes, it literally splashed air into my eye but it doesn’t hurt though HAHA
we were all terrified while observing the others taking turns to try out, however, 
it wasn’t as scary as we thought it would be.

Next, we headed to the back part of the optic centre to test the Slit Lamp Examiniation, 
this treatment is special in the sense that even if we’re wearing contact lens, they’ll still be able to check whether our lens is suitable for our eye ball shape, 
& apparently mine is perfectly fine for me :D
This treatment can also check if we have any diseases like cataract, corneal problems, eyelid problem etc.

For the fun part of my experience in Focus Optometry, 
I got to try out the 3D Computer Vision Therapy which helps to improve visual acuity, motor and sensory fusion for a better stereopsis. 
Good strereopsis includes safe driving, shaking hand with people or pouring water into thermal flasks, in other words, a more stabilized vision and actions. 

3D computer vergence therapy is way more effective than the pen to nose push up exercise in treating Convergence Insufficiency ( inability of eyes to turn while reading or working )

Apart from all the technical explanations, 
it is a fun way for us to release our eye strain as well! 
during the therapy, there are several different color backgrounds to let us improve our visionary focus, and of course for the fun of it, it releases our stress as well. 

Last but not least, we experienced the Fundus Photography treatment which is able to let the optometrist to access the retina and look for any abnormality such as swelling, or bleeding of the vessels in our retina. This treatment allows optometrist to accurately diagnose any retinal diseases like age related macular degeneration or diabetic retionopathy. 
Besides that, it is also able to check if we have Cataract problems, 
which is the clouding of ens in the eye that affects vision, 
most cataracts are related to aging. However, it does not spread from one eye to another. 

Here’s my result of the Fundus Photography, 
which is a normal looking pair of eyes without any problem

Overall, I enjoyed my day in Focus Optometry as all of their eye therapy allows me to learn more about my eyes !
I even chose a frame and make my new glasses from there, 
what do you guys think about my new pair of glasses?

Thankyouu Focus Optometry for this wonderful experience! 
If any of you readers out there that are interested in test trying their eye therapy, 
you can head over to their branch in either Belissa Row, or prangin mall outlet! 
For any other purchase, 
you can get a rm30 voucher discount by showing them this voucher down there!
Happy shopping guys !
hope you guys find this post useful :)
Location: Focus Optometry Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus.

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