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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hello worlddd, 
I am here to share my botox experience today, 
don't be too surprise, yes I did botox, at least its not as major going under the knife or go for jawline shaving. 
As all of you know, I'm known for my fat and chubby looking cheeks, 
which I am okay with, 
however, I hate my side jawline because I used to chew on ice & peanuts thats why my masseter is damn huge. 
Masseter is basically the muscle that is form on our jawline that makes our facial structure look more muscular on the sides. 
Thank goodness for my all time favorite clinic, AO Klinik, that helped me sort out one of my imperfection, and let me take selfies without the use of Casio TR or Photoshop anymore. 

 So, botox will reduce the masseter and make our facial shape look more sharp and firm. 
A lot of people mistaken the use of botox, 
thinking that it is only the use of face lifting for elder generations, 
but it works for younger generations like us if we want to achieve a jawline that stands out more. 

I seriously love their service there, 
I went there with an empty stomach so they treat me with milo and biscuits hehehe
feels like a kid all over again. 

Was pretty damn nervous before the procedure actually started, 
but I was talking to the doctors there and they were so friendly and explained the procedure to me thoroughly so I will feel less tensed, and also more relaxed. 

The entire procedure only took around 15-20 minutes maximum, 
and just to make the injection less painful, 
they used ice pack to numb my skin and flesh. 

I know it looks damn scary, 
however, it doesn't hurt, that, I can definitely assure you. 

I had 3 injections on each side of my face and as you can see they drew a number of dots on my face as a guideline for them to get the right spot to inject on my muscle.

Miss Yubi to the rescue! 
She was trying to wipe off the blue pen marks on my face! hahah

1. How does it feels like?
It feels, more or less like muscle cramp like that lor, 
also similar to the feeling when you're eating something sour and it feels kind of sore. 
yeah, nothing major, so if you're really sick of photoshopping your photos and having big muscular jawline like me, you should totally go for it. 

2. What you should or should not do?
You should probably stop eating hard stuff or chew on anything, 
try to eat softer food or stuff like porridge that is less hard. 
This is to prevent the muscle from growing back again, 
as the time for botox to reduce our muscle takes 3-4 weeks time, 
therefore you should probably stop eating harder food for that time.
 I heard from my friends that you shouldn't go for any facial or massage as the botox is still in liquid form so it might slip to another section of our face which is what we want to avoid during this 3 weeks period. 

3. Will your face have scar?
Not at all, it will just be a little bit red due to the injection and ice pack, 
after 20 minutes or so, it will be back to normal.

4. How long will it take for the effect to show? 
Around 3-4 weeks, for me, it is pretty obvious on the 2nd to 3rd week already. 

5. How often do we have to touch up?
According to the doctor, it is best to touch up 7 months after the first treatment, 
then after you touch up the 2nd time, 
touch up again after 3 months, 
this will last you for really long, according to the doctor, it will even last you for 7 years if you touch up according to the sequence. 

How obvious is the results you may ask?
take a look for yourself, 
I swear to god, 
I did not touch up with photoshop AT ALL, 
I only photoshopped off my hideous double eyelid sticker from the nearer view pictures and also the lightings of the photos, 
these pictures are all taken from camera. 
It saves me so much time and energy! 
And not to mention enhanced my facial feature even more :D

For me, a lot of my friends ask me why you go for this treatment, 
later people judge you, this and that all, 
but for me, 
as long as it is not going under the knife, I'm totally cool with it! 
I mean at the end of the day, its my face, my jaw, my choice :P
I'm just here sharing my experience with you guys, 
 just to help any of you girls who wants to give it a shot but are too afraid to and have zero  knowledge about it, like myself back then. 
I had no knowledge about it at all, 
until I consulted the doctor and a few of my friends who did it, then only I dare to give it a try. 
Then again, I'm not here to push any of you girls to do it like it is a must in life or something, 
not even trying to encourage you girls if your jawline is perfect already! 

Hope you guys find this post helpful, 
any questions yet again, do email me at

or private message me on facebook at
Jxhia Wong

I had visited AO previously for whitening drip treatment, 
so if you're curious about it, you can head over HERE to read about it! as I blogged about it previously as well. 

Location: AO Klinik - 26M, Jalan Masjid Negeri, 
11600 Georgetown, Malaysia

Thankyou once again for reading guys, 


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  2. Wow,you look good Jxhia! Totally worth it ^^

  3. Hi Jxhia, the outcome look great and can I ask for the price of the treatment? Thank you.