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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello world ! 
I had been MIA for awhile because I was busy with moving and my last semester of college.
But fear not, 
I am back, yet again to share my styling tips for you guys. 
I don't remember showing you guys any post about "how to" style anything outfit before, 
so, I'll try my best to show you how to style this beautiful tulle skirt courtesy of Bon Bon Boutique. 
Bon Bon Boutique's specialty is to customize a tulle skirt of your dreams, 
according to any size, length and colour you like ! 

Here I have with me is a dove grey color, 58cm for length :)

I styled this look with a bustier and a blazer with pearl details on it, 
you can pair it with any other blazer to add a touch of style to it according to your liking, 
as for me, 
I'm trying to immitate the korean feel look, 
so please ignore me if you think I had failed badly.

Bag- Red's revenge

For look number 2, 
I styled it with a tube top, 
I know it sort of look like the previous bustier, 
but if you look closely, this one has zero designs on it. 

For me, I would love to dress like this to a party, 
and I actually did just a few weeks ago :)

Look how beautiful the skirt is! 
so in love <3

Bag- Tory Burch
Pointy Heels- Charles & keith

Look number 3 is my idea of casual wear, 
I know malaysia is a little bit too hot for this look, 
but if you're planning to wear this elsewhere or even in a mall if you're daring enough, 
its actually pretty edgy! 

all "poofed" up 

Bag-@mikimiko29 (instashop)
Boots- H&M

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed editing it! 
Any inquires and questions, 
you can always email me at

or facebook pm @
Jxhia Wong

Also don't forget to check out this awesome tulle blogshop at 

& their official website for more details

Location: Batu ferringhi, Miami Bay. 

Thankyou guys for reading, 

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