Strolling down Ochard street | Singapore trip part 2

Monday, March 23, 2015

Helloooo world! 
I am back to share about my mini singapore trip! 
This was actually still the first day we arrived, so my outfit is the same as the post I shared about the Inn I stayed in. 

We headed over to somerset 313 which is damn near to our inn, 
and we decided to have lunch in Marché. 
It was my first time in Marché though I know KL the Curve also got one Marché but according to Mal, singapore one is way better so okay. 

The entrance is soooooo cute ! 
They have these cute little sheep robots that will move their heads :D

Hi stupid! <3 

err....yeah, I just had to take a picture of this. 

 The place is absolutely beautiful ! 
it feels like I'm in the authentic Swiss market with everything made of wood and stuff,
as it is a swiss chain outlet.

 yes, I know what you're thinking, 

Marché also have a cashless system which also means every person that visits Marché for food will be given a card that records all the diner's purchased food. 
if you lost the card, you will be fined $100 for it, so, piece of advice, don't ever lost it :) 

We ordered Marché's signature dish, which is rösti, 
and yes its a dish of mashed potatoes with a touch of sour cream and any of the sidelines preferred by you. 

I chose the sausage and Mal chose salmon! :)

The entire restaurant has a large eating area which also used a big amount of 500 year old wood taken from an actual swiss log cabin, talking about actual authenticity huh? hahahaha 

I ordered a Lavender Lemonade and it tastes amazingly nice!! 
Marché also came up with a 7 point freshness program to guarantee their vegetables are fresh and healthily cooked! 

After lunch, we headed over to Oriole to chill for abit. 

My last time seeing my Chanel sunnies :'( 
I lost them last month, still heart broken.

my serious photographer here :p

That's pretty much for my first day in Singapore, 
our purpose to have a short trip there is just to chill and relax in a place where nobody knows us, 
and since its pretty much similar to Malaysia, 
I really do feel much relaxed there. 

Later that night, 
we head back to our inn and sat at the coffee area in our inn. 

Quite nice right this inn?? 

We are just another pair of boring couple that stick with each other 24/7, 
so we went to get 2 boxes of pizzas and watch movies on his mac at night heheheee 

 Also enjoyed ourselves with a little sweet treat :)

 Good night guys! 
Sweet dreams

Location: Singapore


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