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Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm pretty sure most of you had already seen my instagram post about me having a whitening drip treatment in AO klinik, 
and no, I'm not sick or anything, like I mentioned in the caption previously on instagram, it is for skin hydration and whitening sake :)
AO Klinik is very kind to actually suggest this treatment to me as I always complain that I have a yellow-ish skin toned, not the type that any girls would desire.

first thing first, 
what is whitening drip? 
I am going to answer all of your questions today as I had already received a few questions about it. 

1. Does it hurt? [ most common question ] 
honestly, it doesn't. 
In fact, it has a slight cold tingling feeling on the part of your body that you decided to inject. 
It is just the part when they inject you with the needle that is a little bit scary, the rest is just super duper relaxing.

2. What does it do?
The active ingredient inserted into the solution are used to help the function of the liver is a major detoxification organ, and at the same time discharge the toxins promptly outside the body, effective vitamin C and tranexamic acid. It is directly injected into the body, so the outcome is expected to be more efficient. 

3. What does it contain?
● glycyrrhizin acid
-extracted from licorice of Chinese herbal medicine (licorice). 
Detox (detoxification) ,anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, effect eczema, dermatitis, I hives, skin pruritus, drug eruption-poisoning rash, stomatitis, liver function abnormalities of improvement in chronic liver disease. Other metabolism up, there is a melanin reduction effect.

-Vitamin C and in cooperation with and inhibit the formation of melanin and prevent spots and freckles. 
-Protect the body from radiation
-Help the regeneration of skin, prevention of baldness, to prevent pimples and scabies (seafood), to keep the nails and skin health. 

● glutathione
-Help the work of the liver. 
-Help detoxification, drug addiction, morning sickness, you used to, such as toxemia of pregnancy.

● tranexamic acid
-The effect of suppressing the inflammation. 
-Realize the rough skin improvement effect and whitening effect at the same time. 

● Vitamin C
-Prevent spots and wrinkles while maintaining the tension of the skin, enhance resistance to viruses and bacteria. 
-Relieve stress, lowering blood cholesterol, and outgoing minimize the generation of cancer substance.
-Promote the production of collagen, such as suppressing the production of melanin pigment.

4. How long does it take to see the effect?
According to the doctor, it should be visible after 24 hours time, 
I have a serious back acne case which I seriously don't understand as I hardly get acne on my face, 
after having this treatment, my back is not that rough and the skin doesn't flake as much as usual! 
and let me tell you this, I felt that directly after 12 hours which is crazy amazing. 
[yes I do sleep/come back very late at night that's why I shower late] 

5. How long will the effect last?
I believe as long as your body is hydrated enough, and you don't expose under the sun that much, 
it will last you for quite long.
Think about it, most people will say its a waste of money, 
but if most of us want to be fair and have hydrated skin, 
how long do we need to stay at home and totally avoid the sun ?
how much sunblock you need to purchase and apply?
and if you're a busy person, will you even remember to drink enough water for your skin?
and not everybody will be that fair after avoiding to expose under the sun for months lor. 
This is just a short cut way of getting brighter and more hydrated skin in an hour time, 
it is directly injected into our skin, and its all vitamins, 
so it won't just disappear after sometime. 

Let's put it this way, 
time is money, 
doing this treatment saves us a lot of time and energy and of course we don't have to keep thinking what to apply this/that all. 
In AO Klinik, 
the environment is damnnnn comfy! 
Funny to say I even fell asleep there before :p

AO Klinik can even custom design the drip solution for you according to your skin condition and your personal concern. 
I wanted a more fair skin minus the yellow tone, for my first drip, 
and for my second time, I requested for a more hydrating effect. 

seeee its not so bad right? 
I can still smile leh :D

The moment the drip is injected into my hand, 
the result is noticeable from my left arm ! 
I didn't even edit this photo's lighting man, uh-mazingggg.
Honest verdict, 
my skin is way more hydrated and brighter compared to previously, 
when I apply makeup, my nose is not as flaky as it used to be, 
and obviously, my makeup lasts a lot longer too! 
Ever since my skin became more hydrated, my skin isn't that oily anymore, 
as I always say, 
the hydration level of our skin has to be leveled with the oil of our skin, 
so this way, our skin won't be too dry or too oily. 

So I hope you guys find this blog helpful, 
if there's any other questions, you can facebook me or email me at 

also if you're wondering where is AO Klinik is, 
here is their address:
26M Jalan Masjid Negeri
11600 Penang Malaysia



  1. Hi Jxhia, may I know the price range and is it suitable for guy? Thank you :)

    1. It is suitable for both genders, the price is RM1800 for 5 times treatment :)

  2. hi :) may I ask whether it's pay per each visit of each treatment?

  3. I'm planning to do this but i'm still under confusion. Is it really worth it? Is it really help you whiten the skin tone and clear pimple & scars? How long it last for you?

  4. I'm planning to do this but i'm still under confusion. Is it really worth it? Is it really help you whiten the skin tone and clear pimple & scars? How long it last for you?

  5. Hi there gorgeous. I live in KL and I would really love to do this treatment here instead of Penang. Do u know the specific name of this treatment or is it just called whitening drip?

    1. you can check out SLIQ clinic and oasis damansara, I do mine there, just tell them CINDELLA drip, thats the famous one from korea.

    2. Hi. Can you what is the price for cinderella drip at SLIQ clinic? do you find it effective?

  6. Penang?no other branch area KL or Shah Alam.?

  7. Hi i have a pigmentation...may i know what treatment or drip suitable for me? May i know the price?

  8. Can u send me your contact number ? I need to contact you

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  10. Hey,may i get your office numbr ?? I want to know that price for treatmnt ?

  11. Please send me your your contact number
    It's my number