Moving out .

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hello long lost boring blog,
I had been pretty much MIA for this month and last month because I was busy with moving and stuff, 
so pretty glad that I had settled in my new place! 
 It's actually my first time moving out from home without my mom, 
so I am still so new from doing everything from scratch *spoiled brat I know right*
but it was unexpectedly easy for me as I have wonderful friends to help me out and also a loving house husband to be by my side whenever I needed help. HAHAHAH
House husband pulak. 
So yeah, I feel sad that I have to leave my hometown but at the same time I'm glad that I can escape out of my comfort zone and continue to pursue my dreams and shit *if that's how people say it*

I know this post is not very contented with useful info's and I'm updating it for the sake of updating it which is bad, I know. 
I just want to share my new environment with you guys, because so far I'm loving what I'm doing and how I decorated my new place, and let's hope my future house will be even nicer :p
Because I find that its really pointless for me to decorate the shit out of a rented place like my current one hahahah since its not even my own place.

I spend a very minimal amount on this room so its not fantastic, 
but it is comfortable for me to stay in which is more than enough for me. 
I'm not going to show you guys the entire house because I'm not the only one staying in the house hahaha! and also not the entire room too because I would like to keep some parts private to me and me only x)

If you think I'm trying to boast or what-evs, 
you can keluar from my page already, 
because my only intention is to share with you guys where I got my interesting props and stuff I use to deco my room! 
Plus, like I previously mentioned, I spend a very minimal amount on stuff I use, so there's really pointless for me to boast also HAHA. 

My favorite part of my little corner is the wall where my bed is placed, 
I call it the "burung-wall". 
it is actually 3D wall art I got from Spotlight, and I think its only 60+ ?
so I was thinking, since I can't get wallpaper for my wall, 
I might as well get simple stuff like this that I can stick on and take off anytime I want. 
and seriously man, shit, it is 3D, damn freaking cool lahhh! 

My second favorite section of my room is my mini work place which has negative percentage of stuff related to work HAHAHA
It's all full of makeup, tissues, candles, lotion......*I can go on without stopping & still, nothing related to stationary besides my scissors* 
My table, table lamp and alarm clock that I never use for waking me up is all from Ikea, 
not exactly a very feasible option for me to get simple things like that but I couldn't be bothered to search for them since I already knew that these stuff exist in Ikea. 

These acrylic makeup storage are all SUPER OVERPRICED on blogshops and internet, unless you order from taobao which I'm too lazy to wait. 
Surprisingly, I got them from popular, I KNOW FREAKING POPULAR MAN, 
and they only cost me rm40+ maximum 50+ for one thing. 
I've seen them on blogshop for 150+ for ONE which is 3 times more expensive. 
the mini storage on top of my acrylic drawer is actually from Daiso, because I needed space for my brushes and skin care shit. 

I don't own a great amount of makeup products because I'm a super loyal customer lah, 
if I use one thing that I find suitable for my skin, I'll stick to it until my skin condition change again hahaha. lipstick also mostly gifts from friends. 
A bit regret for not bringing my entire collection of perfume here, but these are the only scent I use daily, *got excuse to buy more when they're empty because the rest is in Penang, not with me hehehe*

freaking love my chair, 
I've never really seen anybody using this type of chair in their room, probably because our butt will hurt, so what I do is I put a pillow underneath my ass lor. What to do? Room also want to act chio mar. hahah
the chair I got it from some random furniture place, but I think there is a similar one in Ikea.
Phone case was a gift from my bestfriend Yvonne ! So chioooo right! but freaking huge, a bit too big to hold sometimes. 

I reach home at almost 8/9 pm everyday, and I hardly go outside and eat since I feel so exhausted from all the driving already, so I rather cook and eat at home. 
Once I'm done with everything, there is already no time for me to touch this blog. sigh. 
Hopefully once I'm back to studying life, I can have more time to do my own shit and be lifeless once again :D 
but lifeless also nothing to blog about wor, how? nevermind lah we'll see lor hor hahaha

If you read the entire blog post, 
I really love you, 
because this post is really random hahaha
Let's hope I have the time to keep this blog as active as it was like last year. 
Till the next time bitches! 



  1. I can still imagine your voice in my head reading this ! Envy lah, it's all white ! Mine is a little too cluttered 😭

    1. Hahahaha! Yes, I never changed a single bit x) why didn't you furnish it entirely white?

  2. Read finish this blog post ! Anyway your room is nice !

    1. awwwww really appreciate it when someone reads a blog post instead of looking at pictures haha! thankyouu xx

  3. Love you doing blog posts like this! <3

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  5. Hi there! I personally adore your shots! ;)

  6. Super love the lights your room has! 😍😍