Feeding my skin | VIRO Skin Repair Set

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Greetings everybody!
These few months I had been working on my internship program and don't have much time to feed my poor skin, 
hence, it became sadly dull and dry. 

But thank god for Unique Home Beauty, they sent me a wonderful skin care pack which saved my skin in just a short time! 
Ever heard of Viro Skin care products?
Viro skin care is originated from France and had been releasing a lot of amazing skin care products that feeds our skin into becoming even more smoother and brighter! 
I was damn excited to try out their products! 

So here's the entire set given to me, 
Sheet mask + 2 serums, 
1. Hyaluronic Serum
2. Collagen Serum 

So let's start off with applying the mask first shall we?
I usually enjoy my weekends pampering myself with masks and sweet treats and also not forgetting my book/mostly tv dramas ;)

So it's just like any other ordinary sheet masks, 
apply it on our faces for 20 minutes and massage our face to let it absorb into our skin. 
After applying the deep repair mask, 
my skin was relief from the previous dry and sull skin, 
it even looks brighter now! 

Please excuse my funny-looking-ugly-face.

As for these 2 cute little serums, 
it can be applied right after the masks or can be use as toners as well, 
one tinnie tiny bottle like this can last up to 2-3 months! 
How aweseme is that!
But of course, once you opened it, you can't leave it for more than 6 months.
So let me explain thoroughly how both these little babies work.

Hyaluronic acid is basically a substance found in our very own body, 
it is very popular for people to use for wound healing, burns, skin ulcer and even lip fillers! 
So it is safe for us to apply on our skin since its a kind of substance found in our very own human body, 
it helps us to moisturize, whitened and brightened up our complexion! 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in human body, 
its main purpose is to keep our skin from aging, reduce wrinkles and many more! 

Here's how to use the tiny bottle of serum :)
Drip 2-3 drips on palm will be more than enough for our entire face. 

Apply the serum by massaging our face softly, 
this is usually how I apply most serum as our palm has body temperature, 
it will help our skin to absorb even more easily. 

I've tried my Viro skin care set! 
How about you? ;)

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Thank you once again for reading 


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