L'Oreal Vitamino AOX Collection | Hair product Review

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hello world, 
I am finally back on this page once again after being missing in action for at least 2 and a half months, 
then again, I am here to share with you another post of tried and tested product by L'Oreal Professionnel! 

In case you haven't heard, but i'm sure most of you had, 
L'Oreal Professionnel is the number 1 worldwide brand that revolve around 4 main areas of expertise: 
1. Hair color
2. Hair Care
3. Hair Texture
4. Hair Styling

As for today, I am blessed to be given an opportunity to try out their newly launched range, 
L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino AOX 

This range is the first ever professionnel toolbox for color fixing and perfecting glow, 
for girls like me who loves coloring our hair and constantly changing our hair color, 
we have hope! 
This range came up right on time for me to treat my newly dyed hair :D

There were 4 products that were sent to me, 
1. Vitamino Soft Cleanser (Shampoo)
2. Vitamino Color Perfecting conditioner
3. Vitamino Color masque
4. Vitamino Perfecting smoothing cream

So first off I will be talking about the Vitamino Color Soft cleanser, 
in other words, 
For most of the shampoo that I had tried, the only ones that doesn't make my hair feels like hay is the ones that doesn't treat my hair, 
so what I'm saying is, this is the first time for me to try out a shampoo that treats colored hair and yet leaves it to be smooth and soft. 
The best part about this shampoo is that it is sulfate free, so it will be a lot less bubbly compared to other shampoos, however, it saves us from using more shampoo. 

The next product is a conditioner, 
for me, I do find it a little bit disappointing as I need to use a little bit more than usual conditioners, 
however, by just using this conditioner, I can basically skip the part of putting on the masque as it works pretty much similar.  

I was confused for the first time, thinking that this is another bottle of the conditioner, 
but I didn't realize the grey bottom. 
So far, the masque smells the most different from all of the products, but works like magic. 
I wasn't suffering from split ends and tangled hair after using it. 

Last but not least, 
my favourite item of all, 
the leave in hair cream! 
I use it every single day and it smells UH-MAZING.
It has a strong strawberry-like scent that leaves my hair smelling amazing, 
I use four pumps after drying my hair every night and up till now,
my hair feels soft and easy to handle!  

Here are the textures of the products, 
The shampoo is purple color, main purpose is to treat color hair and keeping the shine, 
the conditioner is the most watery compared to all 4 products, 
treatment masque is slightly more concentrated, 
and for the leave in cream, it is slightly more smooth, but doesn't leave any sticky residue. 

I hope you guys find this post helpful if you guys are planning to purchase any of these products! 
If you have any questions or queries, do email me 
or Facebook message me for more details:
Jxhia Wong
I will write to you guys soon, 
Have a great night!


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