Simplicity is the Key to my style

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I’ve recently ordered a great amount of clothings courtesy of Zalora,
So I decided to share with you guys my sense of styling and so called “lazy style”
I can never pull off sexy nor cute god knows why,
However, zalora online does provide me a great range of simple clothing which is to my personal preference,
Therefore I was enjoying shopping so much, it literally feels like heaven !

Boho lazy style

Kimono- Something Borrowed
Top- Zalora basics
Strappy sandals- Zalora

What I love about boho style is that you can pair the laziest elements together and it will still work,
For me, I’m too petite for the sexy look and I’m way to lazy to have tons of makeup on me, that is why I always prefer it the lazy style!

Girly Side of me 

I’m always too simple to the extent some of my guy friends forgot the fact that I’m a girl -.-
But what I pair with this marble dress is a simple looking tote and a pair of strappy heels that is something similar to the sandal I featured earlier,
That pretty much explained my style hahaha

Dress, tote bag and strappy heels are all from Zalora!

So that is pretty much the end of my haul from Zalora!
I really enjoyed shopping in Zalora more than I had ever expected!

There’s more to it!
Zalora had offer me a special code for all my readers!

Quote “ZBAPZFOY” to get 15% off of your purchase, 
and guess what's the best part? there's no expiry date to it :)

Check out now if you haven’t girls!