My weekend off | Lexis Hibiscus

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hello there after a long long time! 
I finally have some time to update this dead page, 
and also have the time to edit my photos and video form the mini getaway from last few weeks ago. 

We decided to chill in Port Dickson and Malacca for a few days, 
and we had the most amazing stay in the beautiful Lexis Hibiscus Hotel! 

Everything is so minimal, and clean, 
just the way I like it.

We have our very own private pool so we can just chill and relax in our swim wear without the worry of being shy in public hahahaha

The toilet is absolutely MAX LOVE.

They even have a mini see through glass cube for us to peak at the sea water! 

Apart from that, did I mentioned that there's a freaking sauna too?!
This place just never stop to amaze me.
I would say, it is one of my best stay EVER.

Look at how beautiful the hotel rooms are! 

I hope you enjoy this short little post about my stay in Port Dickson, 
I will be updating about the Japanese dinner we had in the next post, 
Don't forget to watch this mini vlog I did for this trip


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