Sudio KLANG Earphones

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hey Guys! 
A few weeks ago, I received this pair of gorgeous earphones in my mailbox for me to try, 
so I will be doing a mini short review for you guys :)

This is what they contain in the pretty white box, 
a leather casing, they Sudio Klang earphones and owner's manual warranty card. 

In the earphone box, you will find a plastic full of different earbud sizes, 
for me, my ears are smaller therefore I choose the smallest bud of all, 
However, different people have different ear shape, so there's a collection of them for you guys to try! 

For Sudio Klang
it is made for Apple products like iphone or macbooks, 
that is also the reason why I chose to try out this pair as I am a huge Apple fan, hence, I will be needing this pair. 

So far, Sudio has given me decent quality music and sound, 
it is great for those of you who are looking for a pretty yet basic earphones
not to mention, it is fashionable to wear as well. 

Don't forget to quote 
to get 15% off your bill guys ! 

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