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Thursday, August 27, 2015

As for today,
I want to share with you guys a small little tip for our skin care routine,
How many of you actually uses sunscreen before applying your daily makeup?
The truth is, majority teenagers neglect the use of sunscreen to protect their skin,
I have to admit myself that even I hardly use sunscreen as well!
The reason is because, most sunscreens are greasy, sticky, and has a funky scent to it too.
So which sunscreen should we choose to protect our fragile skin from freckles and UV rays?

Recently, I was given this product to try and I am here to recommend you guys ! 

Here I have with me, is the ZA 4-In-One Perfect Protector,
And what are those 4 functions in one little tube of happiness you may ask?
Here they are:

This sunscreen has SPF50++ that will last on our face for more than 3 hours without being greasy or sticky!

Now, our 21st century air has been polluted very seriously, to the extent it contains small polluted particles in the air.
This could not only harm the surface of our fragile skin,
But also sips into our bloodstream and cause health problems as well,
Therefore, applying a sunscreen that contains pollution protect powder can help us prevent our skin from being harm.

Apart from what I’ve mentioned on top, this sunscreen is not only non-sticky, but is also water resistant!
You can go for a swim with it or even apply it before going for workout,
Its perfect for both indoor and outdoor.
For girls who loves applying makeup like me, you can apply it as your makeup base too!
It will not only protect your skin from the sun, but also help to keep your makeup last way longer.

Here's how to apply it: 

Its really SIMPLE!
1.     Squeeze a little bit of the product on the back of my palm,
2.     2. Apply evenly on my entire face and neck to get even coverage

The texture of the product is smooth and easy to apply, I like how easy it is for me to blend it into my skin without putting any extra effort.
See? A piece of cake right? ;)

Now I can be under the sun without having to cover my face all the time or even being scared to expose to the sun, as I have my ZA Perfect Protector!

If you are keen on getting your hands on one of these sunscreens and want to get more info’s about it,
You can head over to
to check out more!
They have their ZA TVC, product info’s and also science behind the sunblock etc.

This product is now selling in major guardian stores for

Have a great day ahead guys, and thanks for reading once again!

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