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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello everybody! 
It has been such a long time since I last share with you guys a favorite post, 
I think mostly because I find that some things might or might not suit all of you, but just so you guys know, I find these few products really helpful and useful not only on a daily basis, but also during a hazy weather like what our country is facing right now. 
Do make sure to wear a mask when you're out from your house, and also stay hydrated at all time because falling sick is going to be a huge kick in the ass especially during a hazy time like this. 
Not very nice at all isn't it? 
Anyways, I just want to share with you my thoughts and feedbacks about a few wonderful products that had totally saved me during the haze. 
Just a little side note, this is not a sponsored post and yes, some of the products were indeed sent to me to test try it out, but I just really love them personally and wanted to share with you people!

1st off, during a hazy weather, you wouldn't want your skin to get clogged up by dirts somehow, 
you want to make sure you clean it as clean as possible, the sparklier the better !
I am using this sonic cleanser by Clinique. 
It isn't the crazy type of sonic cleanser that spins round and round, 
it vibrates in a motion that helps us cleanse our skin gently. 
As you can see the size is really handy, not to big and not heavy at all.

One great thing about this cleanser is that it doesn't run on normal battery, 
so you don't have to worry about being electrocuted. 
The way to charge this device is to place it in a charger stand, 
so that whenever you're done using it, you can wash the entire device without having to worry about water sipping into the sonic cleanser. 
The first time you get this device, you MUST charge it for at least 24 hours, so that the battery would last up to 6 months in the future. 
The bristles on the cleanser has 2 sections, the narrow part which is light green and the wider part which is white, 
the green part is slightly more harder and narrow than the white part easier for us to cleanse our nose area. 

Next up is using sunblock, 
now, a lot of us young girls can't be bothered to apply sun screen as we find it greasy and unnecessary.
However, it is always good to start applying sun screen starting from a young age to prevent freckles or spots. 
My personal favorite of all sunscreen, has got to be this Clinique even better sunscreen. 
it does not only protect us from UV rays, but there's also an anti-pollutant feature that helps us prevent our skin from polluted air. 

This tiny bottle of miracle has 40/PA +++
which is more than enough for our skin. The higher the SPF doesn't means its going to last longer or protect more, 30-40 spf is more than enough for our skin :)

This is how the color of the sunscreen looks like, 
it has a tiny bit of coverage for our skin, so on a weekend if you don't feel like wearing any makeup, 
this is a go-to sunscreen for you! 
It also absorbs really quickly without leaving any greasy residue which is great. 
Also remember to remove this sunscreen with makeup remover as well, 
so that we can assure that our skin is clean. 

Next essential that is a MUST HAVE for me on a hazy weather, 
is lip balm! 
I tend to get cold sore on hazy weather, and my lips always feel dry and uncomfortable, 
therefore, lip balm is a HUGE MUST. 
I love this lip balm from Shu Uemura as it keeps my lip hydrated, 
also even though the color of the product is clear, it will somehow follow the temperature of our lip and form a really natural pink color. 

Next product that I really really recommend all contact lens users to get, 
is eye drops. 
I was suffering from red eye last few days, even when I don't have my contacts on. 
 It was horrible, I feel like a zombie. 
So I called a friend and ask for eyedrops recommendation, and he told me to get Naphcon-A by Alcon. 
The moment I drop it in my eyes, within 5 minutes, I have my normal eyes back, redness, TOTALLY GONE. 
However, do becareful while using the product, you don't want to rely on it too much and cause it to be useless the next time you use it, 
don't use it when you have contacts on! 

My personal favorite for eye drops selection is my Rohto eyedrops, 
I love it mostly because you can use it while having your contacts on, 
and also the bottle is really cute and easy to carry around. 

The next few products is actually quite unnecessary, but I'm going to include in this favorite post any way.

If you know me well, I am a candle fanatic. I love burning candles, I enjoy different scent on different days or occasion. Although its a waste of money but its part of what I like... so please do not judge me.

If you guys followed my previous posts, from Christmas, and other miscellaneous posts, you will remember that I have Jo Malone candles as well is Bath and body work ones. But I recently found a Yankee candle shop here in KL and I gots to try it.

The little rose gold pineapple candle is actually form typo and I'm not going to burn it so soon because it is tooooo CUTE.

The Yankee candles that I got are all light and fresh scents, I never enjoy sweet scents because it always make me feel like puking. -.-

So yeah, the scent in Soft Blanket, Fluffy Towels & Sage & Citrus.

I haven't exactly burn them yet but when I do, 
I will let you guys know my feedback for it :) 

Do stay at home these few days, 
don't go out as its super hazy. 
Read a book or something, and if I happen to have extra time, I will come up with a post on my favorite books these few weeks :)

I have my puff ball here to cheer me up and also keep me company while I stay in.

I'll talk to you guys soon. :) BYE!

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