Innisfree Picnic Beauty Workshop | Sparkling Mineral Series

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello Guys!
I am super excited to share an event that I had just attended last week!
It was the Innisfree Picnic Beauty Workshop with a mini launch of Sparkling mineral Series. 
Then again, I expected it to be very typical with a model sitting in the middle of the room and all, but NO! 
All of us were surprised with the cozy environment of Organica Lifestyle, with a lot of surprise along the road, so if you're curious like how I was, keep reading to know more! 

Innisfree had been a famous Korean skincare for quite sometime although they had only been established in the year 2000. They are well known for using natural ingredients for their skin care products that originates from Jeju island in Korea. They had seriously launched their brand new Sparkling Mineral Series which got me really excited :3

And of course, my partner of the day is none other than the sweetie pie Jessica Chaw <3
It was really super sweet of Innisfree to prepare the makeup, the set ups, and even a bouquet of flowers for each of us!  

Like what I mentioned in my instagram post: 
" A girlfriend is always there to make sure that your mascara and lipstick always stays on point. "
and she really does, hahahaha! *inside joke*

Miss Shantini brought all of us to a yoga room upstairs and thought us how to relax our mind. 
It was a session that kept me awake and refreshed after a really tiring day.

Innisfree's Brand Manager from Korea, Mr Johnny Nam is here to give all the bloggers a warm welcome speech as well as a little inside joke that made him smiled so happily in this picture. 

So the Beauty workshop started by requiring all of us to cleanse off our make up...D: 
I know right.....I was shocked too! 

But its okay, 
Its not like you guys haven't seen my bare face before :3

We started off by trying out the new Jeju Sparkling mineral powder, 
which supposedly acts like a spa for our face. 

Look!! Its fizzinggggggggg 

Well, my picture says it all, 
once you're done mixing the powder mixture, go ahead and dip your face in it! 

After relaxing our face, we are required to feed our skin with skin care to keep them clear as well as hydrated. 
From the picture above, you can clearly see the sequence of Innisfree's latest Sparkling collection, and I feel super refreshed after applying them. 

My favorite has got to be the Green tea serum and the mineral mist, 
it seriously makes my skin feels as soft as a baby's butt :p

Okay, enough of scary bare face, time to makeup guys! 
We were given 10minutes to re-apply our makeup so that we don't leave the house with a naked face.

After the beauty session, we were told that there's another DIY session for us, 
to keep our skin clear, using skin care is never enough, 
you have to make sure you have enough water intake on regular days and also eat healthy food. 
Innisfree was super duper sweet to organize a mini salad making session for all of us to make our little jar of "healthiness" together ! 

Here's my layer of vegetables :p

After making our salad, 
its time to learn how to make detox drinks! 
Innisfree gave each of us a limited edition Sparling mineral water bottle to make our detox drinks, 
the ingredients included lemon, mint leaves & raspberry beret :)

Here's ours cute little bottle <3

Did I mentioned that the chia seed cakes are absolutely amazing with the cherry tomato salad as well? 
I feel super healthy during this event hahaha everything they prepare is so healthy and green! 

oh nooooooo mini waffle that is super loveableeeee <3

Hello pretty girl <3 

Thank you Innisfree for having me, 
Don't forget to check their new series out if you haven't, 
and I'll talk to you guys soon :)


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