Kiehls Product Launching

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hello people, 
it has been awhile since I last wrote a post so I am starting to ger a bit rusty on this to be quite honest. 
I really do love the hype of editing my posts and share it out to you guys, 
however time and life doesn't really allow me to spare some of my free time to do it since I had just started Uni life. 
Once my camera is fixed [ please try not to wonder why as it really broke my heart ] I have tons and seriously TONS of posts to share with you guys, 
and it really does drive me crazy to not have my most important gadget with me [ other than my phone ] to complete all these posts. 
Without anymore blabbering, let's start with this post. 

A couple a weeks ago, 
I receive an invitation from a friend [ you know who you are ;) ] to attend Kiehl's launching party in 31 studio. 
I was thrilled to attend this event as I had been a huge fan of Kiehl's for years, and still loving it until today. 

It was such a pleasure to have the person in charge all the way from New York to come over to Malaysia and explain the products to us bloggers.

The set ups were beautiful! 
So classy and simple! 

Seriously got to love the organizer for setting up all these photo-worthy corners for us to spam our camera to the max.

There was a mini activity for us to make our little potpourri with dried flowers and herbs! 

Harrowwww Rara! 

With the these 2 lovelies, 
Laura & Freeze! 

Was so happy to find this in the door gift ! 
the new day serum that helps us reduce fine lines! 

The newly launched night serum that helps us with Anti-aging :)

I hope you guys enjoy a quick update on my blog, 
do stay tune for more updates, and that will only happen if my camera comes to life hahaha



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