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Monday, September 28, 2015

It has been seriously hectic for me these few weeks ever since uni started, 
it feels like I have millions of things undone, 
thousands of errands to run although its just that few things to finish. 
Its that stress I get whenever I'm in you guys get it or is it just me? pfft.
Anyways, I've always been a coffee person, 
I need my daily dose of coffee or I'll probably fall asleep in class or even worse, halfway driving. 

Recently I discovered a drink, which happens to be a detox drink + coffee flavor which pretty much sums up to my needs. 
I mean I sleep late, when I talk about "late" I mean like 4 or 5 am in the morning kind of late, 
its horrible, my skin is horrendous, my eyes are constantly red and dry, 
so boys and girls, listen to your papa and mama, 
finish your homework earlier so you can get a good night sleep. 
My point is, detox drinks are amazing in the sense that it helps my digestive system, it helps my dull complexion &
it keeps my body running healthily. 
It even has a coffee flavor now! UH-MAZING. 

I have 2 boxes of Maqui Detox drinks with me, 
one in berry flavor which is a pure detox drink, the other in coffee flavor. 

One box of Maqui detox drink consist of 16 sachets. 

Maqui Detox drinks have many many amazing effects to our stressed body, 
one of the many reasons why I love this drink is because it can help us with our slimming process! 
God knows how hard it is for girls to slim down. 
One more thing, it reduces our stress as well as gives us a clarity mental and emotional mindset. 
I had always been negative, about almost everything on this planet, 
just because I'm always so stressed out about things, 
keeping my mind straight and relaxing my body is the first priority I need to have when it comes to healthy lifestyle. 
Did I mention it keeps my skin glowing as well?
I've mentioned earlier that I sleep very late at night or shall we say "early in the morning" -.-
my skin will naturally appear to be much more tired and dull, 
this drink, pretty much covers my ass for me. 

For the coffee flavor, I drink one sachet with warm water every morning before breakfast and uni, 
and it keeps me awake and fresh to start my day!

Bottoms up ladies! 

For the Berry detox drink, 
it is preferred to consume before bed in a 200ml glass, 
it will then work its magic throughout the night and keep our body healthy. 

10 reasons to get these boxes of wonders?
1. Its driving in a fast lane to slimming.
2. It is super easy to consume.
3. It contains natural ingredients such as raspberry and blueberries.
4. It keeps our skin effortlessly glowy. 
5. It helps us increase our metabolism rate.
6. It reduces our body stress.
7. Keeps our mind fresh. 
8. Removes toxins from our body. 
9. Gives us more energy to our body. 

Now that I had found my company for the day, 
I've never been happier! 

Bottoms up! 
Looks like we've got a productive day ahead ;)

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