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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hello beautiful readers! 
I am back with another product to introduce and review for you guys!
It has been quite a while since I have been so active on my blog isn't it? 
Even I feel kind of weird to be so super hardworking for my blog despite having uni assignment and classes. 
And I didn't abandon my uni work okayy..*smirks* 
Anyways, back to my main topic, I realized the korean dewy skin have been really in trend right now, 

or is it just me being outdated?
Previously, we would always think that shiny skin looks oily, and greasy, 
however, I've watched a lot of youtubers that actually wishes to have a super glowy skin. 
Now, know the difference, glowy and oily are 2 different things, 
glowy is where you turn your face and when the natural light hits your skin, 
the highest point on your face like cheeks, nose bridge, forehead and center of your chin would glow, 
if your skin can glow without any extra light shining on your have oily skin then sad to say. 
I have here with me, the Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion, 
I've heard a lot about BB cushions in the market, however, I've never really been loyal to neither of the brands I don't even know why. 
So I decided to give this brand a try. 

Here's how it looks like once you unbox it, 
isn't it cute?! I believe it is one of the cutest bb cushion I have ever seen in the current market.

Each box comes with 2 BB pad, 2 refillers, and 2 sponge to absorb the bb cream!

Here's how the actual compact looks like 

Most of the BB cushion in the market already soaked the sponge with BB cream, 
however, I prefer this one, as you will be able to know how much you need to use for the moment and it wouldn't dry out in the compact easily.

Here's how to use it, for a better coverage, lightly pat the BB cream on your face with the BB pad until your skin absorbs it. 
This BB cushion was said to have 6 main functions:
1. It presents Air Silk Nude makeup look
2. It has sunscreen protection
3. Safe skin lightening
4. It smoothens out any fine lines or wrinkles
5. Gives you a dewy complexion
6. Fresh touch

Here's the before after effect, I must say I was pretty impressed with the outcome, 
it didn't give me an overwhelming kind of glow on my face but it presents a full coverage dewy look. 
The glowing touch made my skin looks healthy!

If you're looking for a dewy makeup look like the korean makeup that they name "ulzzang" look, 
this bb cushion will give you an effortless look!

Satisfied with my product!

For more info's to purchase this product,

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If you have any inquires about the product, 
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and I will talk to you guys soon! 


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