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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hello beautiful readers,
I am once again back with another video which is also my 2nd Haul video on my Youtube Channel!
I wasn't exactly comfortable speaking infront of camera previously,
so it took me some time and courage to restart my youtube journey and share with you more interesting things, as well as bringing more joy to most of your lives with bits and pieces of happiness from mine! :)

Products featured in this Haul video:
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion - Sephora
2. Play 101 Pencil no. 53 & 32 - Etude House
3. Facial Masks - Innisfree
4. BRTC Cartoon Facial Masks - SaSa
5. Tangerine Blossom Perfumed Diffuser - Innisfree
6. Diffuser Accessories - Innisfree
7. Diffuser Glass Bottle - Innisfree
8. Candles (Autumn Wreath, Autumn Set & Fluffy Towels) - Yankee Candles
9. Nike Airmax Thea - Nike Store

I hope you guys like this video as much as me enjoying the process of filming and editing it,
if you have any other video requests, you can email me, or comment under my youtube video.

I will talk to you guys soon,

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  1. Hello Jxhia,

    I am MissJasJas here. Thank you for sharing of your beauty haul :) I love number 2 part <3