My Furry Kid.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

If you're like me, someone who always wanted your very own first puppy, 
you should read this post. 
Most of us dream of having our own puppy as a kid, 
well that at least that's what I think that everyone has the same dream as mine when I was younger. 
Up until the beginning of this year, I am still not over with my obsession for puppies, 
especially pugs. 
Of course, my parents, friends even boyfriend were telling me that it isn't easy having a puppy,
its almost as close as having a baby. 

However, being the young rebellious teenager me, 
I refused to believe what they advised me and go ahead and got my little companion which I named 
I have always wanted a pug, 
or any other miniature puppies, 
I just.....CAN'T. 

I spontaneously brought my cousins to a USJ pet shop that I searched online that actually do have pugs in stock, 
and walked in, 
and hugged the little fella, 
and fell in love, 
and just said:
"Okay, please reserve the female one for me and I will pick it up right after her first injection. "

So tadaaaaa I now have, a puppy. 
The thing about having a puppy is, 
you don't really know what you're getting yourself into. 
I mean imagine the situation where you're renting a house in the other state without your parents, 
and at the same time have to maintain a uni life + work life, 
and now you added another commitment to your to-do-list which is killing most of your private resting time. 
The thing is, having a first puppy, I have 0 knowledge about taking care of one.
I don't know how to train, 
I don't know what to do when they're sick, 
technically don't know about everything. 

Imagine coming home to this, 
1. Sleeping like a boss *which is cute :3*
2. Slept on her on her own poopoo that ended up on her head. 
3. Bite her pee pad and pooped out side
4. then again, sleep like an idiot. 

Then again you need to clean up everything, 
spend time with her which I failed to do so, I admit. 
and also feed her when she needs to eat,
not forgetting to top up her pee pad, food, treats, tissue paper, sanitary spray etc....
that will cost you extra money that you THOUGHT you could've saved. 

not forgetting the fact that she's still a dog with sharp nails, 
me as a girl, sacrificed my legs for my beloved puppy. 
Whenever she gets excited to see me she will jump up and down, up and down, 
then this will happen hahahah! 
I still love her despite all the pain, love hurts ;)

There was a time where I need to travel back to my hometown and I couldn't bring her back because my mom isn't a fan of dogs.
So I had to leave her at a pet's hotel, and left them a packet of food worth ONE MONTH,
when I'm back after 5 days, I went over and pick her up,
she was so much heavier but I thought that she was having a great time with the other dogs there.
When I asked for the bag of food I left there,
they told me that she has a big appetite and finished everything.
I was literally like WTF.
Even if she can eat, you're not suppose to give her?!!?
She's a puppy! She don't know what's going on! !

Once she reached home she is still her active self, running and jumping around,
so I thought that maybe nothing would happen to her,
when I was hugging her, I felt a warm feeling flowing down my culottes,
and my friends that came over to KL from penang were like "EEEEWWWWW"
Yup, she threw up on my pants .
After throwing up she still seems normal so I thought maybe its just indigestion for the moment.

When I when out for dinner, my housemate sent me a few photos and I freaked out.
she threw up in her peeing area at least 3 times and she looks sick and sad.

I rushed home and brought her to a 24hours vet.
Her face broke my heart,
I called Bryan, and while waiting for him she crawl over to me and lie her little head on my lap.
I was so heart broken. </3

Even my bestfriend from hometown, Yvonne,
doesn't like active dogs like Milo,
but she couldn't resist Milo being so ill she even hugged Milo while waiting.
Once we reached the vet with Bryan,
I was hugging milo with her little blanket while stroking her slowly,
next thing you know I found flees in her,
Aren't dogs suppose to have ticks instead of flees?!
Flees will suck human blood for god's sake.
That pet hotel have a lot of cats apparently,
therefore, I think those disgusting pests kind of jumped on to her.
I was seriously damn furious and swear to god I'll never bring her back there ever again. 

As for now,
her tail is recently infected by bacteria, so she has to be a mini astronaut for at least 2 weeks until her tail heals,
but the vet says its nothing major it happens to most dogs with thick fur tails.

When you own a pet, 
and you think its all play and no work, then you're wrong. 
There'll be a hell lot more to spend on, 
I bring her to groomers every week, buy her Fish4Dogs food that costs me a lot because apparently pugs are one of the most sensitive dogs around that will get diseases easily. 
She always has skin problems, so I have to run back and forth from the vet...etc
Its really not easy, and there's a lot of times when she pee or poop on the floor and NOT where you trained her to, it really makes me really frustrated and wanted to give her away so many times. 
But then again, looking at her little face, 
when she stares at you with those puppy dog eyes, 
you realized that you love her and just couldn't bear to not see her when you're home.

Milo looking happy with her new clothes given by Chenelle :D

At the end of the day, 
seeing her with that smiley face and tongue sticking out, 
every single hard work is worth it. 
I don't even mind spending on her anymore, I rather have her with me than having a lonely room. 

She was the one who is always there for me when I first moved to KL, 
always make me angry but then still smile at me like an idiot even after she knew she did something wrong. 
Although there's a lot of ups and downs, 
I still love her and want to keep her with me. 
Conclusion is, 
to you people who want to get a pet, 
do consider about the consequences that you will be facing, 
but once you have passed that phase, 
it will be much more easier I can definitely promise you that. 
And for those of you who have a mother of father helping you to take care and clean your pet's shit, 
you're living the life and damn lucky lor,

The purpose of this blog post is to sort of introduce my journey of having this little furry kid, 
as I realized I never really properly introduce her to you guys before.
I can't wait to celebrate her 1st year birthday with her and also see her grow up! 

Here's a short video about her and also the day I went to pick her up, 
I never really posted it because I was looking for the right timing to post, 
I guess its today..hahah

I hope you guys get to know my little baby girl more now,
and I will talk to you guys soon :)