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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hello my beautiful readers! 
I will be sharing with you one of my favorite brands ever, 

I had been using benefit for the longest time, and one of the main reason is because they provide different different sets that are filled with miniature versions of their product, 
which is great for travelling purposes, and also act as an amazing basic starter pack for those who want to learn makeup. 
What I have with me today is the Benefit They're Real Sexy on the Run set which consist of all the essential products for eye makeup. 
oh my god, did I also mentioned that Benefit is now available on Luxola website?!
It makes our life so much easier if we want to get hold of benefit products but feeling kind of lazy to go out. 

Look how adorable these miniature products areeee <3 
as you guys know, eyelid tape has always been my top one priority for my makeup look, 
however, I gave up on it therefore, eyeliner and mascara took its place in my makeup pouch hahaa

Products are all They're real series, which includes:
1. Waterproof eye remover
2. Push-up liner
3. Grey mascara
4. Brown mascara

I will be explaining the products one by one for you guys. 

The first product that I will be showing you guys is the They're Real Waterproof eye makeup remover

The liquid is in white color form and pretty easy to blend and wash off our makeup.

Look how easily the eyeliner came off with just one wipe! 

Next product is one of my current favorite I would say, 
It is the Benefit They're Real Push-up liner. 

The eyeliner has a special angled tip which makes our life so much easier when it comes to drawing our waterline, or a beautiful flick for our eyes.

Last but not least, I will be showing you guys these 2 babies which happens to be 2 different colored mascara.

One in grey and one in brown. 
I had always hated black mascaras however, these 2 colors suits my needs perfectly. 

Here's how I recreate an eye makeup look with these products:

Look how cuteeeee!!! 
All in one hand <3

Remember to check them out on Luxola
by clicking this link:

and I will talk to you guys soon! 

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