Why Don't you Shop on Shopee? | Shopee Application

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hello there people! 
It has been such a hectic week and also a lot going on for me, so I'm a little bit slow on my updates but no worries! Christmas is almost here, and I have a list of videos and posts to share with you guys ! 
Today, I'll be showing this cool app that I had just sign up for and already having so much fun shopping with it!! 

Ding ding ding!! 
It's the Shopee app ! 
It's an application that allows you to buy things from other people, as well as puttjng your preloved items on sale, if you have a blogshop, this is a great platform for you to sell your items too.

Here's how to set up a basic account, 
The layout is really simple to use, 
First step is to click on the "Sell" icon that is going to lead you to your album, or camera. What I truly love about this app, is that it allows you to steal your very own Instagram pictures, which I find it super convenient to track back on the pre loved item I wish to put for sale.
You can even edit the pictures right after you selected the ideal item that u wish to sell. 
Once the editings are done, you can include the details of them item such as category, pricing, shipping fees, condition etc.
Detailed and easy to use ain't it?! 

Let me show you the stuff I got from a few shops yeah. I just go to the search box, and type in the ideal shop that I was looking for, and got a few things that I would love to show you guys! 
These goodies are from "Wakobeauty" HERE is the link for those of you who are interested 

The lipstick and brand that everybody have been raving about in Korea, 

Retail price: RM71.20
Shopee price: RM46.30

Look how much you can save through shopping on Shopee! 

It has come to no surprise that I love Innisfree masks especially the Manila honey! 
Retail Price: RM4.00
Shopee price: RM3.80

This soap is from 91loadingenterprise, 
I thought it would be pretty cool so I gave it a try, HERE is the link for those of you who are interested 

April skin Magic Cleansing stone
Retail Price: RM95.91
Shopee price: RM62.30

I really can't stress enough how much Shopee can help us save money and also energy from going out to shopping. 

All of the things are 100% authentic it is the same stocks as other retail outlets carry out there. 
HERE'S the download link for the application 

For those of you who wishes to surf with laptop, HERE'S the web mall link: 

I hope you guys enjoy shopping on Shopee for Christmas as much as I did! 
Now, here's a little something for you guys from Shopee, 
Enjoy 30% OFF with code REALBEAUTY for all beauty and health items from Shopee
the terms and conditions are
o Only valid for the first 100 buyers/Valid till 11th December 2015 (11.59pm)
o Not valid for tickets, vouchers, mobile top-ups and bill payments
o Discount is cap at RM20 only.

You guys can use your code to shop HERE

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you guys soon! 



  1. Hey pretty! May I know what colour is the lipstick that you bought? And is it the same colour that you're applying in that selfie? It looks really nice.

    1. Hello ! I didn't realize your comment until now I'm so sorry about that!
      my lipstick isn't the same color from the 3ce I bought, the color I'm wearing is the nude color lip liner from Silky girl :)