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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hello wonderful blog readers, 
I'm pretty sure you have decided to click in to this blog post to see how i recreated this look with my "cheating skills" Using just ONE, yes that's right! ONE PRODUCT! 

The brand new L'Oreal Tint Caresse in #B07 Lily blossom color! 
I was really excited to try it out as my lips are naturally pale, 
I imagined it to be super easy and user friendly for me, and it is! 
I do need to thank Hermo for sending me this product for review and be the first few to test try it out, 
Also, do remember to check it out on Hermo as this product is only available on Hermo for now and they will be having an exclusive sale for this product starting TODAY ( Click HERE )

Here is how the product looks like, its slim looking, 
easy for us girls to carry around in our purses. 

Here's how the applicator looks like, 
the texture of the product is not your "typical" sticky lip product, 
it is powdery, therefore it is definitely alright for us to apply as eyeshadow, blusher etc.

Overall I would rate the color pay-off a 8 out of 10, 
Super easy to apply! 
When I first got the message of the texture being powdery, I expected it to be dry, cakey, and hard to stay on our lips the way we want it, 
but the outcome was totally unexpectedly beautiful! 

Here's how the outcome turns out,
I dap a little bit of my BB cushion on my lip to erase of my light natural lip color, 
and I apply the lip tint just in the middle of my lip. 
although my lips is kind of dry lah..please ignore the lip lines :3

Here's how I get ready within 5 minutes everyday while being rush by the boyfriend, 
or running late for errands and classes, 
well, you don't expect me to go out with my naked face do you..? well sometimes I do, but not all the time, I don't want to scare unknown strangers on the streets. 
this lip tint is sooooo easy to apply I'm not even kidding, 
I can honestly tell you while taking these photos, I was using one hand to hold the camera and the other to apply the product, and my camera, ain't light at all. 

And here's the outcome!!!
I added a little bit of brown eyeshadow at the end of my eyes to mimic the natural tear duct, 
so I can excuse myself from wasting more time on eyeliner and mascara. 
*Also saved myself some time to remove them after a long day*

This look is definitely wearable for work, date, college.....SO MUCH MORE I'M LAZY TO TYPE.

What do you guys think ? :3

So remember to check out Hermo's page for more info's
also, the L'Oreal Lip Tint is currently only available in Hermo, I know I said that previously, 
but it is super worth to share, so I'm repeating TWICE. 
They are having an exclusive promotion for this product for a limited time only, 
just until 22nd of November 2015, so do make sure you got yours before it is too late. 

I've already got mine in hand, 
Don't forget to get yours!
Click HERE for direct link to the product page :)

Thank you so much for reading, 


  1. Such a beautiful post! Is the product like a powder on the cheeks?

    1. Hello there! The product is indeed powder texture, it works amazing on cheeks as blusher, for the eyes as eyeshadow color however, I don't exactly recommend it for lips as powdery texture do make our lips dry.