Slimming My Face w/o Botox | Jxhia's Enz V Serum Review

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hello people of the internet!
I am back with another beauty review, this time, I will be reviewing a facial serum that is supposedly helpful for skin tightening, and also slimming our face! 

Tadaaaa its the EnzV Serum that have been really popular on almost every beauty blogshops, 
I felt quite lucky for being one of the few girls to get to try this baby out personally.

This tiny little serum bottle consists of 30ml of the EnzV serum, 

What I truly love about the design of this bottle is that there isn't any caps that we girls might lose, 
and also the way to keep it is pretty interesting, 
to open it, all you gotta do, is twisting the top part to your right side and a pump head will rise up from the bottom. 

The beauty of this bottle design ensures that the serum will stay in the bottle without exposing to the dusty environment and also preventing it to be contaminated from our dirty findgers as well! 

Let's do an absorb test shall we?
Yes yes, I understand we all hate a face full of sticky stuff, 
that is why I always test try out the serum in stores before getting them. 
As for this little guy right here, the liquid appears to be in a clear form, 
it spreads out really easily, and once it is pat on my skin gently, it absorbs within 10 seconds which is pretty amazing for me.
None sticky, smells awesome. 

This is how I usually apply it, 
1. Cleansed my face full of makeup and prepped it with a regualar facial Toner. 
2. Pump out 1-2 pumps of the serum, 
3. Massage the face according to the picture below->
4. There you have it! a freshed and slim face ready for som selfiesssss!! 

Here's how I prefer to massage my face for slimming and firming purposes.
-Side ways from the forehead
-Down the sides of my nose bridge
-My under eye area, but becareful not to drag your skin too harshly.
-Massage upwards from the sides of my face
-Not forgetting the jawline area up to my neck.

Overall verdict?
I would rate this product a 7 out of 10? 
It is a great product if you use it for the long run, the results of slimming and firming would be more obvious, 
as for me, I've tried it for 2 weeks before writing this blogpost, and it did helped me however, not the fastest way, of course not as fast as botox, but at least this is natural slimming !

Now, I can have slim face even not touching up my botox for almost 4-5 months already! 

Can you believe it? This is my bare face with only the serum and some toner on hahaha! 

To purchase this product, 
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