Goodbye, 2015.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I could not deny that 2015 have been a great year for me, 
of course, there were ups and downs, 
but it has been the year that I have made most out of it so far in my life. 
I've learnt so much this year, not only on my career path, friendship, relationship, responsibilities, and so on. 
There isn't a year where so many things have happened and gets straight to me and made me realized that, sometimes in life, you need to have shitty times in exchange for something that is so much better. 
So I'm going to run you through my so called "good times" during 2015, instead of boring you through the bullshit moments that I've suffered. 

1. Moving to KL, to further my studies. 
As most of you know, I'm now based in KL and also enrolled in Taylors Lakeside University, 
and I've moved here since march because of my internship program with Nuffnang before entering Uni. 
Its a big step for me to take, because me, a little college teenager moving to a big city got lots to take in and a hell lot to learn. 

2. A lot more opportunities

I got the opportunity to attend way more awesome events and receive more campaigns, 
which I'm not going to state one by one, but you get the idea.
Back in Penang, being a blogger was kind of a struggle for me as everything happens in KL, 
and being here is a plus for me to explore more and being exposed to so much more things. 
I am a person that enjoys socializing and exploring new things, hence, its such a pleasure being a blogger and been given the privilege of experiencing so many things first in line. 
I am so thankful and grateful for all of you who had brought me here today, 
and also to the ones who gave me chances, seriously, thank you :)

3. Owning my first puppy
This is a bit tricky, and was a little bit emotional for me, 
but I am glad that it has all been settled down into a routine that I don't regret on committing myself into. 
Getting a puppy was initially something fun and exciting for me,  
and then I realized "oh shit, it can't understand human language and obey to me straight in the face"
I literally had a minor break down on the second day of having Milo, and it was hell. 
She gets sick a lot, simply shit and pee a lot, and she cries, A LOT. 
But after months of being with her, she tamed down to a normal cute ass puppy, 
and I have to admit, with the minimal amount of time I had gave her, she had unexpectedly became better than I thought she would be. 
I spend so little time with her, I'm always out and about, with uni, friends, boyfriend, and events, 
she is still able to became so so well and I am truly glad. 
I regret getting her in the first few months and thought that she would be a huge barrier for me to have an actualy teenage life.
However, she had helped me gain responsibilities that I had never imagined myself to have, and also helped me grew so much from what I used to be. 
If you haven't seen her, I do have a "Meet My Puppy" video :)

4. Being consistently active on my Youtube Channel
I've had my Youtube Channel for at least 2-3 years now I believe, 
but I am never active with it, 
and to be honest, never really put my mind and heart to it before this year. 
Ever since I started watching other videos from other youtubers, 
it just brings me a motivation and sort of created an inner interest in producing more home videos. 
I know, I am not a professional when it comes to this kind of things, 
I don't have perfect lightings, I'm not sure if my makeup techniques are right, 
my camera might not be focusing at the right time or right angle, 
but if you are interested to see what I'm doing, I can tell you, 
my videos are just me, produced by me. 
Most of my youtube videos are not sponsored unlike my blog posts, I just filmed them purely for fun, 
I just feel that videos captures precious moments better than pictures, and in a few years time I can look back and laugh about it. 

Makeup videos

Haul videos.

I can't believe I even did a freaking series of Vlogmas this year!!!
I am so so proud of myself for having the determination of editing everyday, and filling my days with things to do, although still quite boring but at least I did something. haha

5. Amazing relationships

I got to meet Bryan,
and so far, we've been through enough to have a mutual understanding although its a bit early to say,
but he makes me really happy and I think that's all that really matters for now, I'm not going to say much about us as its meant to be kept in between us. 
Also, not forgetting meeting his bunch of amazing friends that are always there for me,
always overly attached haha.

The other unexpected relationship was a friendship between me and Jessica, 
we are so different, 
but at the same time, we understand each other so well. 
I can never imagine having such an amazing blogger friend here in KL as everybody else in this industry is scary as hell. 
She's not only amazing as a uni friend, I know, we're classmates too. 
But also, a blogger that cares less about being exclusive and brings me along to almost every event she gets. 
I can honestly tell you NONE, okay, NONE of the so called blogger friend here in KL ever mentioned to bring or tag me along to an event, only Jessica. 
It was and still is one of the best thing that had ever happened to me this year, 
and cheers to many more years of friendship to come. 

6. First ever TVC
Shot my first ever TVC during night time 11pm untillllllll 5am
it was for a Maybelline commercial, 
and it was fun and tiring at the same time!
I was pretty much in shock that I got this opportunity as I feel that I am never in the world fit to be on the big screen, but boom, there I was, infront of the camera with a green screen. 

That pretty much sums up my awesome moments of 2015, 
of course, there are wayyyyy more awesome shit that had happened to me this year but I feel that I would keep those memories to myself. 
I had learnt so much things from where I fell this year, 
mainly to just keep going on with life because there will be obstacles, and for me, I always feel that I'll never let those obstacles affect me.
 If you give up, you lose, just shut the complains and find a solution. 
There isn't a thing that can't be resolved and can't be improved, 
if you're not feeling it, do better, 
if you're not sure about something, seek for help because its never wrong to ask for a helping hand. 

I hope you guys had a great 2015, 
even if it isn't, you know what they say, whatever happened in 2015, stays in 2015. 
I wish all of you the best and in 24 hours time, we will be stepping in to a whole new journey of 2016, so buckle up ladies and gentlemen, its going to be another round of roller coster ride. 
Let's be honest, we're not psychics, 
we always say 
"its okay this year's gonna be over new year's coming"
but we'll never know if it'll be a good year and at the very last month of the year, we would end up saying the same old sentence. 
So I would suggest us to be optimistic, this year had been well and good to me, 
let's just hope next year is nothing worse than 2015 shall we?

By the way, thank you guys for helping me hit 23 thousand followers sharp on New Year's eve. 
You guys are truly amazing and never failed to wow me, 
I love you all. 

see you next year! 

Christmas Mood ON.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hello everybody! 
I just want to share a tad bit more about the ornaments that I've got for my tree, 
obviously a tad bit too late nowbut you can always get it for the following year, 
and also express how much I enjoy this time of the year which involves a lot with giving, and sharing and gatherings. 
Basically, its end of the year where people gather together and catch up and it is also a festive season of giving, so I will also include some pictures of the gifts I got for my friends and family, 
as well as a video on how I DIY all the decorations for the wrapping. 

All these amazing copper ornaments are from Typo, and that is my favorite shop to shop in, 
as it has a lot of artsy fartsy things that you can play around with and get creative with, 
so since I've set my christmas tree theme to be copper, I might as well go all out, 
these ornaments broke after only one night as Milo decided to get all excited for Christmas as well, 
but Bryan did replace them with new ones, so I really appreciate that. 
It costs around 11ringgit or 14 ringgit per piece I guess, but since I will be mixing a lot of different deco's around I find it worth the price as copper ornaments are hard to find.

This transparent ornament is from Spotlight, 
same goes to the fur inside of it. 
I have been looking for these for ages, and if you guys are looking for these as well, 
do pay Spotlight a visit, and I'm just going to put it out here and say that Spotlight did not sponsor or pay me to say this, but I am in love with that place, and I feel that although their items can be a tad bit pricey, but since it is hard to look for the special items so it is worth the price.

If you had watched my Christmas Haul video, 
you would already know that these cute little wooden ornaments are from Spotlight as well, 
I am not a fan of bright colors, so I thought that a classic wooden design ornament would fit the copper theme quite well. 

If you have followed my Instagram, 
you would've already seen these pictures, 
they are the presents for my friends and family, 
I know, I am self obsessed, could be ugly to you guys, but it looks like one piece of fine art to me hahaha! 

I decided to get hands on some DIY things this year for the wrapping decorations, 
I mean, 
it isn't necessary to write a long ass card sometimes, but it would be lovely to put a little bit more effort in the deco's if you're looking to surprise someone and let them know how much you actually appreciate them.

It doesn't have to be expensive gifts, or anything to prove how much you love and cherish them, 
but its all the heart that matters, 
so I personally feel that, sometimes, a lovely dinner with a in-depth catch up time would be more than enough than a bunch of expensive gifts. 

For me, I have friends that are super lovely, and wouldn't care that much about gifts, 
but I love giving them something they like, something they would use, and also something they might need. 
Its just the look on their faces that makes me happy and I personally do not mind not receiving presents, and that's when Bryan pops in and say, 
"You're always like this, always puts yourself to the last and ends up with nothing"
but you know what?
Its totally okay, because, its a giving season! 

Do keep it in mind that it is fate that brought you and the people around you together, 
you people are together for a reason, 
so don't waste anytime and definitely do let them know how much you love them, 
especially your parents since now I'm so darn far away from both of mine, 
I do understand the pain of not seeing them and hear them nag me for once.

So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, 
if you have any last minute gift wrappings, 
I do have a mini video for you guys and I hope it helps some of you out there, 
I hope you enjoy it! 
I'll see you guys on vlogmas till it ends! 

Christmas Gift Selection | Hermo Her Best Gift

Friday, December 18, 2015

Hello there peeps! 
It is my favorite time of the year and can you believe it? it is 6 days left till Christmas!?