Christmas Mood ON.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hello everybody! 
I just want to share a tad bit more about the ornaments that I've got for my tree, 
obviously a tad bit too late nowbut you can always get it for the following year, 
and also express how much I enjoy this time of the year which involves a lot with giving, and sharing and gatherings. 
Basically, its end of the year where people gather together and catch up and it is also a festive season of giving, so I will also include some pictures of the gifts I got for my friends and family, 
as well as a video on how I DIY all the decorations for the wrapping. 

All these amazing copper ornaments are from Typo, and that is my favorite shop to shop in, 
as it has a lot of artsy fartsy things that you can play around with and get creative with, 
so since I've set my christmas tree theme to be copper, I might as well go all out, 
these ornaments broke after only one night as Milo decided to get all excited for Christmas as well, 
but Bryan did replace them with new ones, so I really appreciate that. 
It costs around 11ringgit or 14 ringgit per piece I guess, but since I will be mixing a lot of different deco's around I find it worth the price as copper ornaments are hard to find.

This transparent ornament is from Spotlight, 
same goes to the fur inside of it. 
I have been looking for these for ages, and if you guys are looking for these as well, 
do pay Spotlight a visit, and I'm just going to put it out here and say that Spotlight did not sponsor or pay me to say this, but I am in love with that place, and I feel that although their items can be a tad bit pricey, but since it is hard to look for the special items so it is worth the price.

If you had watched my Christmas Haul video, 
you would already know that these cute little wooden ornaments are from Spotlight as well, 
I am not a fan of bright colors, so I thought that a classic wooden design ornament would fit the copper theme quite well. 

If you have followed my Instagram, 
you would've already seen these pictures, 
they are the presents for my friends and family, 
I know, I am self obsessed, could be ugly to you guys, but it looks like one piece of fine art to me hahaha! 

I decided to get hands on some DIY things this year for the wrapping decorations, 
I mean, 
it isn't necessary to write a long ass card sometimes, but it would be lovely to put a little bit more effort in the deco's if you're looking to surprise someone and let them know how much you actually appreciate them.

It doesn't have to be expensive gifts, or anything to prove how much you love and cherish them, 
but its all the heart that matters, 
so I personally feel that, sometimes, a lovely dinner with a in-depth catch up time would be more than enough than a bunch of expensive gifts. 

For me, I have friends that are super lovely, and wouldn't care that much about gifts, 
but I love giving them something they like, something they would use, and also something they might need. 
Its just the look on their faces that makes me happy and I personally do not mind not receiving presents, and that's when Bryan pops in and say, 
"You're always like this, always puts yourself to the last and ends up with nothing"
but you know what?
Its totally okay, because, its a giving season! 

Do keep it in mind that it is fate that brought you and the people around you together, 
you people are together for a reason, 
so don't waste anytime and definitely do let them know how much you love them, 
especially your parents since now I'm so darn far away from both of mine, 
I do understand the pain of not seeing them and hear them nag me for once.

So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, 
if you have any last minute gift wrappings, 
I do have a mini video for you guys and I hope it helps some of you out there, 
I hope you enjoy it! 
I'll see you guys on vlogmas till it ends! 

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