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Saturday, January 9, 2016

I'm the kind of person that likes to get a whole set of skincare from the same brand, 
just because I feel that the formula might work better as a team. 
I'm pretty sure that there are some of you out there that prefers to use a whole set of skincare together like I do. 
[ A little Disclaimer ]
This is not a paid post, however, these products were sent to me to let me try out, 
so here's an honest review :)

I've had bad skin for 2 weeks or so last year during KL Fashion week, and so happen, I was attending Clinique's event one evening. 
I let them check my skin and see what's best to clear my skin. 
So here's what they hook me up with and I haven't stop using them since then, so I thought that I would show you guys the things I had picked up after my set of skincare ran out. 
If you guys are interested in my cleansing routine, I will be making a video about my entire cleansing + skincare routine soon :)

1st step after cleansing is the clarifying lotion, 
I personally love this product because it acts like an alcohol bacterial wipe, it helps us purify our skin. 
It's super easy to use, all you need is a cotton pad, damp it a little, and you can spread it all over our face and neck. 

Next is to moisturize our skin, 
I have been loving this gel moisturizer too much, I can't live without it. 
I know most of us girls hates the sticky feeling on our skin, but at the same time, 
we need to moisturize :/
So this product saves my life, its cooling on the skin, easy to blend and absorbs really fast. 

To those of you who have a slightly more dry skin like I do, 
I would suggest you to try this Clinique Moisture Surge that I can't live without. 
According to the clinique experts, this acts like water to our body and and the moisturizer acts like food and nutrient to our skin. 
I love how this doesn't feel sticky at all on my skin even after applying it on top of my moisturizer. 

I am finally turning 21 this year, 
so I need to start taking care of my eyebags, skin, etc.
I know most of you would be like 21 is not OLD AT ALL, 
21 is half a 42. 
so eyecream is crucial. 
My eyes is always puffy so it is really important for me to apply it when I wake up, and also before I go to bed. This All About Eyes eyecream is a little bit different from other eyecreams as it doesn't feel sticky at all, and it is surprisingly quite mild. 
Also to remember not to apply too much as it will make our eyes even puffier! 

Last step is to spritz some of this Moisture surge mist on to my face after skincare and after makeup, 
just to make sure that my skin is 100% full on hydration mode. 
I also love bringing this around as whenever my skin feels tired this will boost up the complexion. 

I hope you guys find this blogpost useful, 
and clinique do provide free consultation so do drop by anytime to check on your skin condition. 
I am super happy that they managed to save my skin and honestly, 
never turning back.
Do stay tuned for my upcoming skin care video too! 


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