From Hay, to Grey.

Friday, February 26, 2016

According to this obvious picture right here on the top, 
I am here to talk about changing my hair color, AGAIN. 

Well what's new? it was chinese new year and most people get hair and nail makeovers, 
I too am, no different, got my hair done. 
However, I am very blessed to have a professional hair salon to get it done for me, 
all thanks to Soloist, I don't have to live with ugly hair ever again. 
Back then it was also Soloist who accomplished the beautiful striking still grey hair for me, 
and this time I'm going for something more acceptable and presentable. 

My hair stylist, Edward! 
He is basically my consultant, I was consult him for advices and suggestions for what and how I should do to my hair and he never failed to amaze me. 

Tadaaaaa I'm all DONE! 
I'm no Malibu barbie, so pulling off blonde hair is kind of tough for an Asian. 
Here's my terrible blonde hair that faded from my awesome grey hair. 
Its okay, at least I'm putting an effort to sit for a few hours just to change my hair haha! 

Here's the result of my new color, 
I didn't have any trimming done, 
I just got rid of the extra red color that I dyed previously while reviewing a product, 
and also top it off with some ash grey color that appears to be darker at the beginning, but now, 
you can then scroll up to the top and see how "ashy" it is, *if ashy is even a word*

Thank you Soloist, for saving my hair and also helping me to keep my hair condition perfect. 

Do check them out, they are now relocating to the Ansa Hotel [next to Farenheit 88 Mall],
the renovation will take about one month and I am real excited to share their new salon interior on my blog soon to you guys!  
Do try out their Intense Nano Diamond treatment if you have trouble dealing with hay-like dry hair like I did, it cures and saves your hair if you are planning to keep it long and healthy. 

You can also PM/DM me if you have any inquires or questions. 
Call them to book your time slot now @

03-2110 6866


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  1. How much does the Nano Diamond treatment cost? Your hair looks great! I need that treatment for my hair. Like you said it's hay haha