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Saturday, February 20, 2016

There were days where I have good skin,
And there were also some horrific days with terrifying skin conditions.
As a precaution and also prevention, I have praticed to apply facial sheet masks to maintain my skin’s hydration level so that my oily side would not overtake it and ruin my skin condition.
From time to time, let’s be honest girls,
We don’t stick to ONE facial masks brand do we?
I am the type of girl who adores exploring new things.
Of course, who would dare to try a brand without a lab rat test results?
So I am going to give you my honest review in order for you girls to test out this trusty little brand from Hong Kong that I have recently discovered through the wonders of internet,
My Secrets of Beauty.
It comes in a package of a luxurious looking box with a total of 7 pieces of precious little facial masks or shall I call them skin savior? ;)

One box contains of 3 different types of masks from My Secrets of Beauty,
2 Anti Aging masks,
2 Brightening masks,
3 Hydrating masks. 

So, for today’s beauty post, I will be using this Brightening masks before I head out to uni as I have sufficient time for me to get ready,
And let me share the results and verdict after !

This is basically a guideline for you to know what does the masks do to help and nourish our skin,
What I truly love about it, is that the texture of the mask is seamless!
It is so slim fitting, you barely need to put any effort to apply it according to your facial structure as we know, some masks are pretty thick and hard for us to fit on to our facial feature.
This masks is slim BUT the amount of essence it contain is more than enough to fit 15-20 minutes without running dry.
*Little reminder, girls or boys,
please don’t apply your facial sheet masks for more than 20 minutes, or the mask will then absorb back the essence or water from your face,

My verdict of this mask,
I adore how easy it is to use, and apply!
It also helps me to save time and effort when I’m applying makeup after,
this brightening mask helps me put a little oomph to my complexion for that extra healthy glow and you girls should give it a green light and try it!

I hope you enjoyed my little morning pampering session with me,
And also hope that this little blog post is helpful to those of you who struggles morning dull skin like myself.

As always,
Stay beautiful and confident!


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