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Thursday, February 4, 2016

It has been quite a while since I last expressed my thoughts (or you can call it "rants") on this page, 
and I've come to a point where I realized my blog feels empty, 
although I've always labelled my blog page as a 
"Lifestyle Blog" 
its been such a long time since I last post about anything I do on daily basis, 
a perfect example would be like...
me visiting a café that I truly like, 
me having ridiculously fun times with my friends and family, 
and also the topic I'm about to write now, 
me, feeling extra awake by reality. 

A friend of mine blogged about what new bloggers should know about when they first started, 
and after reading her post, 
I strongly agree to the few excellent points that she have mentioned. 

Its not something new to me that bloggers say they're passionate about blogging, 
b u t 
I was thinking in the shower, 
do I have any bit of passion for blogging?
I mean, let's be honest, 
as long as you own a laptop, have internet connection, 
anybody can be a blogger.
Whether your language is strong, weak;
or your fashion sense is horrendous, awesome, fantastic or non-existence, 
anybody, CAN be a blogger. 

To me,
I just feel blessed to have a tad bit of luck, or some of you call it, 
to make it this far. 
I have never realize how many years I've been writing on this very page, 
communicating with random readers online through my posts 
for 6 good years.
Up until today, I still have doubts, 
how in the freaking world I made it this long?! 

The most I have made out of being part of this world, 
is to experience so many things, 
experience different products, 
different people, 
different characters
I take it as an extra privilege in life for me to learn something beyond my very own vision. 
A lot of times, 
I was so ungrateful about life, 
why don't I get this?
why am I not good enough?
why am I stuck here with these problems?

I always ask myself WHY, 
but never ask myself why I always ask WHY only when it comes to a negative point of view. 
If only I could ask
why don't I do better?
why can't I improve?
or perhaps, 
what should I do to BE better?

Instead of drowning ourselves into maximum negativity, 
I've successfully burry myself into optimistic thinking. 

Exhibit A:
Being a part of an unnecessary feud with somebody, 
[ if it was the "me" a few years back, with a major anger management problem,
 I would've reasoned with that particular person ]
how about try an alternative way, 
if you've already took an initiative to mend and if it still doesn't work out,
just live with it, 
and move on. 
Trust me, I can sooooo totally live with it. 

Because ignorance is a bliss to unreasonable human beings, 
and I don't need extra negativity existence in my normal life.
Not that I leave it there and do not fix whatever that is broken, 
but like what most doctors will reply the patients family when the patient can't be saved, 
"We've tried."

There's no need to spread the hate,
nor the issue when something has passed.  
if they know you, 
they will trust you without any explanation from your side. 
There's no need to fuss about it or even think about it, 
I have learnt to let go off so many things, 
and now, 
I'm living much happier and productive life!

So whenever there is a problem or something that I have to overcome, 
I will always remind myself that this is a gift from god to let me learn more, 
to let me experience how to settle and handle things the right way, 
and even if I've failed to do so, 
at least the next time the same situation happen, 
I will know exactly how to do so. 
Learning from your very own experience and learning by just listening/looking, 
are 2 different things. 
just like traveling, 
you can look at the world's most beautiful scenery form the internet, 
but you will never experience 
the snow from Japan, 
the heat from Sahara desert, 
the beach from Ibiza, 
and the streets from Fifth Avenue. 

Its easy to say so, 
hard to do so. 
I've been in negative mode for the pass 21 years of my life, 
only up until last year, 
I learnt from Bryan that, 
when you are silent, 
you get to see so much more, 
it is also easier when it comes to listening, you get to truly absorb what others say. 

Well, we all gotta try at least once to know if it is worth a try?
I was afraid,
afraid that if I am too optimistic, that I will be taken advantage of, 
but before we even try to run to the wall, 
how are we 100% sure that we will get hurt?
[ maybe if we're lucky we'll get to be life Harry Potter and enter Platform 9 3/4 ;) ]
instead, I learnt so much more in return. 

It is absolutely normal to feel frustrated and unhappy once in awhile,
I mean,
we're all just human being human.
What I do is my refreshing self pampering routine,
it could be anything,
whether it is movie nights,
 comfort food,
or like me, take a hot bath pamper my hair, face and body to let go the intensity and refreshing my mind.
Basically anything that makes your body and mind feels refreshing.

All I want to say is, 
cherish life as it is now, 
nothing matters when you're with people that you love, 
and loves you. 

Spreading the positive vibe and love right before Chinese New Year, 
Happy Chinese New Year to every single one of you. 


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