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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I believe it has been awhile since I last posted or share something related to my little puppy, 
so since her birthday is just a few days away, 
me and Bryan have decided to make her custom make something special for her.
As I was scrolling through Instagram, I browsed an account of a french bulldog that owns a FREAKING ADORABLE TEEPEE.
I figured that its something that she really need since we threw her dirty day bed away, 
and she's much more tame and less crazy like before, 
it is time to get her a cozy space in the living room that she can take a break from. 

What I used: 
-x3 Wooden dowels [PS: You can actually use wooden broom sticks, just detach the broom part]
-x1 2 metres Cloth 
-x1 Blanky
-x1 Pillow
-x1 PUPPY :3
-OTHERS: Scissors, sewing kit, safety pins. 

Knowing Milo, I thought that she would destroy it,
to my surprise, the moment it was done and ready to be use, 
the first thing she did was ran in and lie down the WHOLE NIGHT. 
I was really glad, it made me feel so warmth and happy the fact that she loves it and all me and Bryan's hard work have paid off! 

Trust me, 
when your puppy appreciates your effort, 
it is the most amazing thing in the world, you can't even imagine. 
To me, she's an animal we can't communicate with language, 
but the fact that she actually uses it everyday after it has been made, 
showed how much she likes it and appreciates it. 
I just.....CAN'T :'(

Here's a little random comic I made :3

If you own a puppy as well, 
and plan to buy one for her, don't bother. 
I checked online, the ones with quality and looks absolutely perfect for tumblr pics costs like 200-300 ringgit. 
And how much did I paid for this handmade teepee?
the wooden dowels is rm3 each, I spent a little bit more on the cloth as I want the minimalist design but it is pretty hard to find so it costs rm80 for 2 metres, the twine is about rm7, the flees blanky is rm10 and the pillow is from Daiso so, needless to say it costs me pretty cheap. 
Unless you set a strict budget then all you need to do is spend less on the cloth. 

So, here's the video! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post :)


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