My Ultimate Waxing Experience of Private Part !!!! | DeWaxHaus

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What time is it you may ask?
It is time for me to wax off all the unnecessary body hair if you ask me! 
I am never fond off my arms and legs being hairy at all, 
even a decade back, my kindergarden teacher used to call me monkey girl can you guys believe it?? 
But I got to admit that I am indeed pretty hairy when I was younger, 
now that I'm half a forty, 
I find that my body hair is not as thick and visible as some of friends, 
that little hole in my heart needs to be filled before anybody starts calling me by my nickname from preschool.

I'm pretty sure some of you only visit certain waxing house for your appointments, 
same goes to me as well, although my pain tolerance is pretty high, 
I wouldn't risk having any ingrown hair or bleeding skin. 
I have been wanting to share with you guys my ultimate go-to waxing house since I've first tried it last year, but have a lot going on and did not have any time to put words into my experience. 
Now that I have settled a lot of things, I proudly introduce to you, 

The owner of DeWaxHaus put a lot of effort into this waxing house, 
making their environment more comfortable as chilled like a café. 
You will not feel like you'll be exposed in the dark or be in pain as the moment you enter the hall, 
the ambience of the entire place is absolutely calming and really makes you feel all relaxed. 

I am a huge fan of vintage icons, 
and placing Audrey Hepburn's picture on the wall puts the entire place together!
*I see what you did there DeWaxHaus ;)

For the entire waxing process, 
I wasn't worried about the pain, but more of what wax they use and how they take care of my skin. 
I usually go waxing for my armpit & Brazilian. 
According to them, it surprises me how many different kind of waxes they use! 
There are different flavors, different scents and colors. 
They use different alternative wax for different places and hair, so the wax depends on how thick or fine your hair is. 
some waxes are even made to remove fine hair that are not really visible, making the area you wax shiny, smooth and clean ;) 

Ready for my session! 

The choices of places for you to wax are insanely wide! 
I didn't even know there are people that actually want to wax their toes HAHA

Thank you so much Winnie for giving me this wonderful experience and also extending my knowledge towards waxing! 
I definitely am looking forward to my next appointment !! 

Lunch after removing my private area's hair HAHAH
I hope you guys would give this waxing house a try, and also let me know how you love their service after if you feel like! Drop me an email or fb pm for more info's! 

Check out their website for bookings and inquires

here's their contacts:

+(60) 12 388 5152 
+(603) 5887 9667

9-1 USJ10/1E, Taipan Business Centre.