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Friday, March 25, 2016

If you beauty-holics haven't noticed, 
our iconic beauty website, Luxola,
and the ever so famous Sephora, 
has now merge into one big beauty dream, 

I can not imagine anything even better than this!! 
me, as a girly girl, have always love shopping on Luxola as well as our Sephora retail, 
but the online website makes everything even better and convenient, 
just imagine, you can now purchase your favorite lipstick without having to drive out from home, 
or even better, access to the latest cosmetic launch before anybody even reaches the retail to take a look at it, 
and most of all, it gives all the girl's a great helping hand while waiting for something new to be launched, say a limited edition palette, we girly girls do not have to overnight in a mall just to be the first few in lines, 
just a few clicks away and you're done. ;)

As for today, I will be introducing you some of the few things that I have got from the website after it has merged together with Luxola. 
This entire box are filled with what they named, Magic Cleansers.
They included the most creative and innovative cleansers I have ever seen from the beauty market. 

I know right, that's a lot of cleansers for one tiny face I have right here.
As we all know, girls can never have enough makeup, 
so since I apply makeup every single day, 
it is almost like a crucial duty to me to cleanse my face with different cleansers, 
take my current routine as example, 
eye/ lips remover, makeup balm remover, foam cleanser, and a sonic cleanser. 
Picture using all these things everyday, it is bound to run out girllll, 
so time to do some little shopping on Sephora's newly launched website. 

I have yet to try out these babies right here, 
however, I'll assure you guys that if it is as good, I will definitely be including them in my monthly favorites video! 

From the box, 
this is one interesting product that I can't wait to test try it out. 
It is the Arcona Cranberry scrub! 
I can already imagine the smell and taste to be sweet and a little pink/red -ish. 

Of course, how can we not include the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask! 
I have seen it so many times in Sephora but never get a chance to try it, 
I guess, today's the day! 

This is one interesting cleanser from what I've picked up from the website, 
It is a Makeup eraser, 
I know, obvious enough from the packaging, 
but what you don't know is that you can remove your face full of makeup by just damping the makeup eraser, YUP, nothing but water! 
How cool is that! I find it a really great substitute for cleansers when we're travelling or sleeping over somewhere.

Lastly, if you have watched my daily skincare routine, 
you would've probably guessed that I am used to using sonic cleansers to cleanse my face. 
I love test trying out different kinds of sonic cleansers just so I can get to know my skin better, 
at the same time find the suitable one for my skin [this is what my boyfriend would say, macam choose husband.]
I am lucky enough to receive the newly launched Foreo Luna 2 (Light blue-Combination Skin)

This is the light blue Foreo Luna 2 for combination skin, 
it is handy and fits perfectly on my tiny kitten paw-like hands. 
-100% More radiant skin
-98% Smoother Skin
-90% Firmer and more elastic skin

What is so great about this sonic cleanser, is that the new generation Luna 2 has 2 times of their T-sonic power, which is 8,000 transdermal sonic pulsation PER MINUTE at 2 times the power! 
It also has a unique silicon design with 50% bigger brush head for more cleansing efficiency.
And guess what? we don't ever have to change our brush heads ever again! 
The Luna 2 brush head is made of  Ultra-Hygienic silicone which is nonporous to bacteria buildup.

The plus and minus button has over 12 customizable intensities for tailor made skincare, 
it helps us to reduce the pulsation and use the back ripple part for anti aging mode.

Here's how the charger looks like, 
it is 100% waterproof for us to use in either baths or shower, 
so you guys do not have to worry about the charger port as well because it is sealed. 
Can you guys see the soft ripple part from the back, that is the section we use for anti-aging mode.

It also comes with a mini dust bag just in case you want to travel or store it. 

What I love most about it, 
its that you only need to charge it for ONE hour, and you can use it up to 7 months! 
How awesome is that?? I mean it is pretty awesome to me, as I hate charging things. 

so I hope you guys find this blog post helpful, 
and also hoping that someone would accompany me to spend as much as I did from that website hahahaha
do check out their website if you haven't,

If you are interested in any of the products that I have mentioned from above, 
Sephora made our lives easier by categorizing it all under 


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