First Impression of NEW PRODUCTS!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello to all my beloved Jubbies! 
I have been super duper active on my blog here and also my Youtube Channel this week, 
and I figured it would only be fair to update you guys whenever I have something in hand to share my personal opinions, and not purely just advertorials. 

This year have been a pretty busy year for me, 
thanks to Jessica, my harajuku looking babe, 
she have hooked me up with tons of amazing opportunities which I am super thankful for. 

I have been watching tons of youtube videos lately, 
well, I watch youtube everyday anyway so its not something new hahaha, 
BUT, I realized a lot of Youtubers/ Bloggers are filming a really interesting video, 
which is the First impressions of New Products! 
Basically, they just sit there and talk about the product that were sent to them before the official launch, and they will then explain all about the products, good/bad, make swatches etc.
I find it super interesting because it is almost like announcing a 
kind of video, because its sort of exclusive to their viewers that they announce the brand new products that just launched or haven't even launch in the market. 

Since I am pretty handful with loads of goodies that is not available in malaysia and haven't exactly launched in stores, I am now giving you a personal review, yes THIS POST+VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED.
I would suggest you to watch the video first so you guys would have the full version of FIRST IMPRESSION :)

The first brand that I will briefly talk about is the VDL + Pantone Limited Edition series.
VDL is initially from Korea, it is still not available in Malaysia stores yet, 
but I found an online store that sells it so click HERE if you are interested.

I got the Pantone Expert Color Eyebook 6.4 in No.5, 
I am absolutely cray cray over the entire palette, 

By the looks of it, they included alot of 2016's Pantone colors, 
a combination of warm and vibrant tone that is both festive and subtle. 

I've done swatches for every color 
and also included the names for references.
Through the swatches, you will realize that the colors from the first row is the lightest and it escalates the intesity each row.

From the limited edition pantone series, 
there's also a really interesting lip stick which caught my attention.

Look at how crazy the color is!
But no worries, this is a tinted balm, 
the opacity of the color depends on your lip temperature, 
and since it is a balm texture, it is very moisturizing compared to normal lipsticks.
You can purchase it from HERE.

ANDDDD the excitement rises, 
Urban Decay has just launched their new Gwen Stefani Summer contour palette!!

The actual palette has white and gold details that are in contrast with the packaging box.

This palette consists of 6 FREAKING GORGEOUS COLORS
1. Cherry - Blusher
2. Easy - Blusher
3. Angel - Highligher
4. Lo-Fi - Contour
5. Hush - Blush/ Highligher
6. OC - Blusher

Look at how beautiful the colors are !!!
My current favorite is Hush <3

Urban Decay also announced their summer series, 
and from their series I managed to picked up these 2, 
which is the Beached Bronzer & Naked Skin One & Done.

I fell head over heels in love with the packaging of this Beached Bronzer, 
Just look how summery it looks! 

Apart from the amazing packaging, 
the color impressed me as well, 
I'm going to be honest with you guys, among this whole pile of products, 
this is by far my favorite! 

The Naked Skin One & Done is a light foundation with spf20 that is meant for the summer season, 
I have never tried any of the Naked Skin foundation before, 
but this product literally feels like you have nothing on your skin, 
it is super duper light, as for the coverage, I have yet to try it on my face because I only tried it on the back of my hand so we will see about that in the future. 

It also has a built-in pump that a lot of foundation NEED TO HAVE hahah, 
I hate pouring out foundations that made my entire vanity into a hot mess.

As for the all time happy and vintage looking, Benefit, 
this is their newly launched summer bronzed up series, 
I am loving the packaging, I felt like I was in Hawaii during the event, everything was super duper cute and vibrant. 
They included a mixture of turquoise pink and yellow which really brings out the summer vibe.

This is how the product looks like out of the packaging.
Super duper cute I mean look at the Zero Tanlines bottle,

So this is the iconic Hoola bronzer that is also one of Benefit's best selling product, 
so let's see how the other product matches it shall we? ;)

Here's the first product that we are going to review, 
the Benefit Dew the Hoola, 

Just a tiny pump and you can already tell how different my skin color is with the product.

Hoola Zero tanlines is a product for body, 
it is indeed waterproof and smudge proof so you girls don't have to worry about it coming off during your swimsuit party!

The cap has a built in sponge and a tub that allows you to pour in the product

Shu Uemura collaborated with their very first Korean Artist, Kye. 
I loveeeeee the subtle white base with colorful designs going on on top! 

Their eyebrow palette comes in 2 colors inside, a cool tone grey/brown, and a warm purple, 
for those with granny grey hair, this is great to bring out the eyes for you.

this is the first for me to use a cushion blush, 
however, it is pretty seamless so if you like a very bright orange, you're not going to get it out from this product because all its giving you is a dewy inner orange glow which is more of a summer look.  

This is also the first time for me to use an eyebrow sword from Shu, 
I am super impressed at the design of the tip because it has an angle that is easier for us girls to draw and fill in our brows like an angled brush, 
the product glides on easy, not too vibrant purple, just a subtle maroon color which is great for dark haired girls.

Last but not least, 
we can't miss the super cute looking Shu Uemura Sheer Lipstick, 
this is not a lipstick but more of a balm, 
so don;t let the pink scare you, you're just going to get a hint of healthy lip color according to your lip temperature. 

That's pretty much it for this review post, 
very very contented I do apologize if this post is too much because I got a little bit too excited after filming the First Impressions for you guys, 
so as promised, here's a FULL review post with product close ups, 
I hope you guys find this helpful, 
and here's the video! 


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