Kérastase Hair Pampering Day

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello fellow readers, 
it has been quite a while since I shared a hair pampering time with you guys, 
this time, I will be talking you through a Kerastase hair pampering session with their whole new Fusio Dose treatment. 

Each and every one color is made for different hair condition. 
the hair stylist will then mix the Booster into the concentrés for ultimate results.

when the hair stylist showed me this cool device! 
It is sort of like a mini device to scan our hair condition and let us know how good/bad our hair is.
So from there, the hair stylist and us will have a clearer direction of what treatment to apply for our hair condition.

The treatment they chose for me is the green one and it is made to target hair with break ends and also slightly on the dry side. 
So basically, we're focusing on my hair using the Reconstruction Booster and also the Vita-ciment concentré.
So my primary hair need is strength, 
and my secondary hair need is -50% of breakage during blow dry.

Look at that instant result of hair shine on my hair! 
It instantly feels smooth as well!! 
There were no heat required so I believe that this series of hair care is great for home use. 

The pink series boosters are called brilliance and it targets x5 times more radiance.
the concentrés are named Pixelist and it concentrates on boosting our hair Shine.

So what is your hair needs and what are you concern about?
it is simple to fix your bad hair problem, 
Follow the primary and secondary needs of your hair from the pictures below !

PS:/ I absolutely love the set up of the entire place!

After going through this treatment, 
Not only I get a wonderful and brilliant looking hair after, 
but I also got to know my hair better, 
I learnt so much about my hair condition, 
the perfect example would be, 
I've always thought that my hair is dry and dull, 
but through the mini device, I just got to know that my hair is not the worst in dehydration, 
in fact, it is pretty much shinnier than I thought! 

So girls, never assume your hair is bad, 
maybe it just need that extra care and love from the products that you use :)


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