Nuxe Product Launching Malaysia | Mini Product review

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello my fellow blog readers! 
I have been neglecting my poor site as I am currently pretty active on my Youtube channel, 
also have a vlog about this event that I will be writing about today below if you guys are interested. 

About a week ago, I attended Nuxe's Malaysia launch in Troika thanks to Nuxe's invitation, 
I'm sure you guys are like me, never heard of the brand Nuxe up until today, 
however,  I have to admit that after attending this event, I 've extended knowledge about the brand itself, and also get to witness the many different functions of using the serum, toners as well as the Nuxe paris oil. 
Everything about their product was so well explained, 
it is impossible to not get impressed on the spot and having that instant thought of 
"OMG, I need to try that."
*to all the skincare lovers out there like me, you know exactly how I feel* 

Through the talk about the brand, 
I got to know that Nuxe have several eco commitment that is quite impressive,  because they chose to help and save the environment, which some of the beauty brands can't commit to. 
The respect of Nature has been the heart of Nuxe's DNA.
Nuxe uses eco-design packaging that helps reduce environmental impact, 
such as using recyclable paper. 

Apart from saving trees from our mother nature, 
Nuxe is also commited to saving bees, 
they are currently sponsoring hives located in Vosges region of France in order to protect them and help them thrive. 

Because their brand has a very close relationship with plants and environment, 
the guests for the day gets to design our very own poster with fresh flowers creating a beautiful dress with our own creative minds. 
Here's my finished picture what do y'all think :D

and of course we get to enjoy small bites from Troika sky dining as well while listening to the person from Nuxe demonstrate the use of products for us.
The beef is pretty good I'm not even going to lie about that hahaha.

Special celebrity guests such as Carey Ng, Patricia Knudsen, Amber Chia etc also arrived to this wonderful launch of Nuxe in Sasa, 
and apart from being a guest they too got to experience the products way before this launch for them to try and test whether they love it. 
They were sharing their experience on how the products helps their skin condition, 
I remembered Patricia K sharing her experience of having a giant pimple on her forehead about 2-3 days ago, and she applied the Nuxe rose toner, and during the next morning, the pimple has toned down so much its almost not visible! 
I was superrrr impressed so then again, I could not wait to try it out myself. 

After reaching home, I've decided to do a little unboxing post for you guys even though I did filmed a mini unboxing scene from my Nuxe vlog, but for those of you who wanted to read more informations, 
here it goes! :)
Nuxe's Charter:
- Selection of Natural active ingredients
- NO Paraben, mineral oils & animal-origin ingredients
-non-comedogenic products (ingredients that clog pores)
-Tests conducted and approved by French Ministry of Research for optimum safety & effectiveness

From this box of wonders, 
here are the products included inside. 
1. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Paris Oil
2. Nuxe White (Sunblock)
3. Nuxe lip balm
4. Nuxe lifting Serum
5. Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion (Not in the box because I'm currently using it and forgot to place it back for this photo :3)

This Nuxe Paris Oil is super interesting, 
you can use it for body, hair or even your face!
Guys, I've personally tried it on my body, and if you trust me, it is not OILY at all. 
it absorbs pretty fast, maybe my skin is dry that's why, but it does not feels like you have a layer of oil on your skin, and it leaves a beautiful healthy glow on you that is unbelievable. 
I haven't tried it on my hair yet, although my hair needs it more than my body haha, 
with all that bleaching and coloring going on for my hair, hopefully this oil can save it.

100ml Spray bottle- 150myr
50ml bottle- 88myr

I'm for one who always suffers chapped lips and dry lips, 
I've always preffered this kind of lip balm rather than lip serums only because I feel that it is much more convenient if I were to apply it before my makeup and once I'm done applying every layer I need on my face, I can then apply my ideal lip color straight away, rather than wiping the serum layer off, I find it more moisturizing and convenient for me, it even lasts way longer than serums. 

This product is made of honey & sunflower, it doesn't have a very strong scent to it, but I'm currently using it every night and so far my lips is fine with it, and if my lips can tolerate this product, I'm sure anyone can use this safe and soundly because ain't nobody's lips can beat mine, I used to have blisters on my LIPS, how does that happen? I don't even know. but thank god it healed already. 

4g stick-35myr

It is IMPORTANT to apply sunscreen girls, 
if you don't, don't blame anyone for those freckles and pigmented spots. 

30ml - 120myr

Although I'm only 21, 
I still care about my fine lines and wrinkles, because I've once heard a friend say, anti-aging is not for old age but young, you prevent old age from coming. 
Plus, my eyes are born in a form where my mom inherited deep contoured eyes with wrinkles, 
therefore, eyecreams are crucial for me every single night if I want my makeup base to survive under my eyes the next day. 

30ml- 190myr

For the normal skin Merveillance expert unit, 
It amazes me that it gives my skin a sort of cooling and calm sensation, 
almost acts like my gel mask that I've been using everyday now, 
it also absorbs very fast so for people like me that hates the sticky feeling, you can give this product a go. 

50ml jar- 170 myr

*Photos below are credited to Aylwin Joshua* 

It was nice to be part of this event, 
and also learnt so much together with all these beautiful girls!!

Right in front of me is the rose scented gentle toning lotion for face and eyes, 
I've been using it since last week and OMG, 
I've never felt my skin this calm and smooth before, even if I have layers and layers of makeup on, 
my skin is still able to breathe from underneath, it just amazes me. 
The part where I love the most is the product's scent, it smells of roses, FRESH roses to be exact, 
I love flowers, I know they hardly have any scents rather than perfumes sprayed by florists, 
but this just smells abit like original fresh roses. 

200ml with flip top cap-80myr

Thank you Nuxe for having me, 
I can't wait to shop for your products in Sasa because I know I'm going to splurge if I do. 
So now you guys know that this amazing brand that's all the way from France is now officially available in Malaysia's Sasa, so do check them out, you're not going to regret it, 
I promise you that. 

Watch my vlog for this event HERE->