KYLIE LIPKITS ON ASIAN?! Reviews, Swatches, & Dupes.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Another honest product review for you guys! 
From the thumbnail from above, you would've probably guessed that I will be reviewing the very famous and recently very high on demands Kylie Jenner's Lipkits.

It has been quite awhile since she first released them, 
then of course, it is very very VERY hard to purchase them here in Malaysia, 
I know I've repeated this countless of times, 
but it is true because the official website do not accept malaysian credit card nor do they send it over to our beloved country. 
You're probably wondering how I got this set of lipkits then, 
since it is difficult to purchase them myself, 
I got someone to help me get them instead.
I filmed my full swatches, review + surprise lip liner dupes in my latest video, 
also included it in this blog post down below, 
if you want to see how it looks on the lips do watch the video for more information.

It went viral everywhere because Kylie is known for her voluptuous lips, 
there were even a chain video challenge online at some point that was named 
"Kylie Jenner's lip challenge"
it was crazy all over the world people sucking their lips in a tiny ass container to get a blood rush to their lips to make them look & feel fuller just to attempt the iconic Kylie lips.
Ever since then, she announced her very own Lipkits to the world! 
I was super impressed by the looks of it online, was also super tempted to purchase them after seeing Youtuber's reviews and swatches saying that it is not dry although it is matte. 
Like c'mon, matte lipsticks not being dry, 

Since True brown K was out of stock, 
I only managed to grab 4 shades that I was eyeing on, 
which are :
Posie K
Dolce K
Candy K
Koko K

These 4 shades are more to the nude side of the entire lipkit collection, 
since I am very into the nude-ish brown natural lip finish, 
I was super excited to try out these 4. 
The other colors were reds and purple which are not the colors that I would normally wear even during special events or what not, 
PLUS, I don't want to waste my ka-ching ka-ching $$$ on colors that I'm not going to wear everyday. 

But after trying all 4 shades that I currently have, 
it triggered me into having a rush of wanting more colors, 
Posie K is by far my favorite, although I thought that I would dislike that shade the most since its quite purple-ish by the looks of it from the packaging, 
but because of the warm red undertone from the shade, 
it made the entire lips look so velvety and smooth compared to the 3 other shades that I have.
so NAOOOO I'm interested to try the colors that I dislike on usual days, 
maybe Kylie's Lipkits might change my mind about red lipsticks. 

The Lipliner works super well, 
its definitely not as drying as the Matte Liquid lipstick that is paired together with them, 
it glides on like a magical rainbow with unicorn fart. 

the matte liquid lipsticks are somewhat quite drying for me, 
it doesn't feel like it on the lips when you first apply them since the consistency and texture of it is pretty watery, but once it is dried up into matte form,
fine lines on the lips are more visible than usual, 
maybe because I have a lot of fine lines lah, but it is still a freaking matte lipsticks so situation like this is expected from the beginning anyway hahahah

the colors are super duper pretty, 
the coverage is AMAZING, 
and how would I put it to test you may ask?
1. My lips are naturally pale, with maybe 5% of lip color on it so if the coverage is high, it is VERY visible. 
2. My lips suffered from blisters and chapped skin, flaking skin etc. anything horrible you can ever imagine, so after the horrible experience, my lips grew some funny moles on it, 
if the lipstick's coverage is high, 
my ugly ass moles will not be seen. 
*Check out my limited edition moles in the video HAHAHA*

here's the swatches on my hand, 
the tiny hearts are the colors of the lip liners, 
and the giant heart is the color of the matte liquid lipsticks

1. A good thing about these liquid lipsticks are the fact that they don't make my lips feel painful, 
for some lipsticks that are TOO DAMN DRY, 
will make the sides of my lips feel like they're having a mini tug of war on my face, 
and I have to apply lip balm over it to calm their mini tities. 
it didn't happen with these lipkits.

2. The color lasts ULTRA LONG, since my lips are so pale, it is super obvious for me when
lipsticks don't last on them, 
it will magically evaporate into thin air within 1 hour time, 
these lipkits lasted me a good 5-6 hours, WITHOUT TOUCH UPS. 

Since I mentioned that it will dry up into a matte form, 
it literally does dries up into a layer of its own and will not glide or smudge. 

4. It is paired with a matching lip liner. 
Sometimes, it is hard for me to look for a perfect lip liner shade that matches my lipsticks, 
because most of the time, beauty brands have limited amount of lip liners compared to their lipstick range. This will never happen with these lipkits since it comes in a package know what they say, 2 is better than 1. 

5. Formula of it is very lightweight, almost watery like, on the contrary of the coverage, it feels light weight. 

1. Even if the color lasts for 5-6 hours, if your lips are too dry, the middle section of the lips will have bits and pieces of skins coming off because of drinking water, eating food...
*TIPS: Just hit some lip balm on top of it if that happens and your misery will go away*

2. I don't know if it is just me, but the color of the lipkits on my lips will get darker and darker after a few hours, maybe it is oxidized over time, ESPECIALLY CANDY K. 
so I guess if you want to lighten it, you can bring along a lip balm to moisturize it abit. 

I know there are some people that loves caramelly....creammyyyyy....BUTTERSCOTCH-YYY
but this combination ain't for me, I even hate peanutbutter can you believe that?
hoooooo maiiii gooooodnessss
if it isn't for the color, GURL, dump it into the trash can & forget about it. 

4. I guess I'm pretty worried about the life span of these MATTE liquid lipsticks, 
since its so hot and humid in Malaysia, and they dry up so vapidly once its exposed to air, 
I'm afraid that my money will dry up together with all 4 of these lipsticks after only a few months hahahah
I meannnn unless I drink lip gloss everyday, if not I'm not able to finish them in time. 

So that is pretty much it for my review, 
I am not sure whether did I miss out on any details, because I filmed and blog on both different days, 
so for the full information, first impressions and stuff, you would still need to read this post and watch my review video BELOW if you're keen on purchasing the product. 

I hope you find both my blog post and review video helpful if you're serious about getting your hands on these lipkits! 
There are both benefits and consequences that you might need to face using them, 
but so far I am pretty glad with my purchase! 

Signing off! 

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