My Wardrobe Choices

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I'm usually not a very "fashionable" person I guess, 
because I feel that fashion changes really fast according to trends and seasons, 
and in order to keep up with the trends, spending a lot of money is part of it! 
So I usually just wear outfits according to my mood & how much I'm willing to spend HAHAH.

I have a lot of friends that are super duper good at dressing up, 
they understand their body's shape very well and even some of my girlfriends that are really petite can look extra slim and slender with the way they pair their attire. 
I feel that an outfit looks best when it suits your personality and personal style, 
some people likes to be extra girly and sweet, 
some likes to be more to the edgy side. 
I try to shop more simple top and bottom so that whenever I got bored with a certain look, 
I can then mix and match to form a different style.

I also have a confession to make,
I have a weird habit of purchasing the SAME EXACT PIECE in several different colors, 
because it is pretty hard for me to shop something that I truly like, 
so whenever I spot something I really really love, 
I'll get them in several colors for different mood and style. 

I'll briefly show you guys outfits that are matched according to my mood, 
and even outfits that are different colors but the exact same design. 

I enjoy a simple piece of loose singlet dress because I'm am not exactly petite, 
but I am damn short, like 155cm kind of short, 
so wearing looser and shorter dresses (with a short inside of course) + nude pointy heels will give an illusion of long and slender legs for me! 
I feel that this little black dress gave me an effortless stylish look without doing too much, 
I like how it is sort of an A-line dress that has more weight on the top, 
so that my bottom looks less masculine and heavy.
Plus, with the chiffon material, it looks flowy at the end of the dress to keep it classic and chic. 

The same dress in white color added an extra feminine touch to the entire look for me, 
I guess with my tomboy-ish personality, 
it is hard for me to pull off floral prints, although I used to love them a lot, 
now that I realized I can utilize simple outfits to portray a more girly look, 
I guess this dress became one of my favorite piece.

This piece is no different from the 2 dresses previously HAHAHA
it has extra navy blue stripes to add a nautical feel to the entire dress,
I guess this piece added a little bit more prints to my pile of clothings,
and it gives a refreshing summer look !

These 3 dresses are actually a longer top, but I wore shorter shorts to make an illusion of longer legs.
Many of my friends caught that I was actually wearing the exact same piece and we're having a zillion of ???
I don't usually shop a lot, so I do thing like this lah! HAHA
PS: I've asked a few friends if they could guess the price of this top, and they thought its like Zara or what not, it is actually just a random shop in SS2 that is selling for RM29 per piece. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

Since my body proportion is 5:5 which makes my legs looks slightly not so appealing, 
I always prefer shorter tops and longer loose bottom, 
it would be even better if the bottom has vertical stripes! 

Top: Topshop
Bottom: Lowela
By pairing a shorter top with high waisted long stripy chiffon pants, 
it elongated my proportion and made me look slightly slimmer!

Top & Bottom: Lowela
Most of the time, wearing a midi skirt will make short girls look even more stumpy and short, 
but with a pair of simple heels and stripy design on the skirt, 
it helps us to extend the length of our legs, 
plus, this skirt is pretty high waisted, so tucking in the singlet top will help us improve our proportion! 

Cap: Ivy Park @ Topshop
Tube Top: Asos
Ripped Jamie Jeans: Topshop
Nude Canvas shoes: H&M
White Knitted Outer wear: H&M
Bag: Namesake

Baseball caps are back in trend recently, 
and you know what is it best for? 
people that has horrible black hair roots like me! HAHAH
I just find it so easy to match with everything, 
and let's be honest here, how expensive can a cap be? 
so might as well right? 
can cover roots and look chio at the same time.
I guess the sporty + chic style is quite popular recently, 
and it makes the entire apparel look so effortlessly paired, 
my best example would be Kylie & Kendall because I noticed that they love wearing sporty attires and at the same time, they look pretty chic and stylish so I find that pretty cool! 

What I did here was just to have a color scheme thing going on, 
with a knitted outer wear so that my outfit don't look so skimpy.

Sports Bra & Yoga Leggings: Forever 21
Loose top: Cotton On
Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1
Bag: Fashion Bloggerrr
Nude Cap: Adidas

Sometimes, I might be a little bit lazy,
if say, I'm going to the gym right after my lecture class, 
I don't even bother bringing my sports attire in a separate bag, 
I just wear a loose T-shirt over my sports bra and my leggings. 
The only thing I actually bothered to change is my shoes, 
ain't nobody's gonna wear a nike sneaker to work out, so I'll usually walk over to my car to change to my Reebok Furylite.

Most of the time I don't bother to wear chio,
but still need to wear clothes right? HAHAHA
Then I'll pick something that is super simple to match with so I don't have to waste my brain juice.

Sweater: IDOTSHIRT x Stoned
Bag: Charles & Keith
Beanie: Kye x Shu Uemura 
Shorts: H&M

Denim shorts are my absolute favorite on lazy days, 
with an oversized sweater so that I won't feel cold in the lecture hall. 

Cropped top: GlamDiv
Shorts: H&M

Loose Top: Cotton on
Bag: Fashion Bloggerrr
Suede A-line skirt: Wardrobemess

I don't usually wear skirts, but I find this suede skirt pretty boho looking, 
so I decided to buy it and match it with my simple tops! 

I am seriously the laziest person you can ever find,
I am not girly, but I always wear dresses because sometimes I want to save the hassle of picking 2 pieces,
and my favourites has got to be midi or long dresses that has minimal designs with it so we can re-wear them without it being so obvious.
Knitted long dress: Zalora
Sneakers: Nike Thea Max
Shades: Ellui

knitted dresses are so easy to match! 
with heels, or sneakers, it still remains chic and clean looking, 
since I don't really wear accessories, I paired it with a pair of reflective shades.

Shirt dress: instagram blogshop- @lovedaisypetal
Sneakers: Nike Air force 1
Bag: Fashion Bloggerrr

Shirt dresses are the ideal choice for lazy girls like myself, 
with the right shoe and hair do, 
you can look so effortlessly pin together! 

Blazer Dress: Zalora basics
fake spectrum ring: Lovisa
Choker: made my myself :D

What I love to do is to throw on a blazer dress, 
I just wear a black inner wear or if you want more layerings you could probably add in a lace bra/cropped top.
I find it super easy to match for accessories, shoes even bags, 
I'm super lazy as you can see, I like simple things so that I don't have to brain so much but look good at the same time.

Don't ever judge like, "oh zalora clothes so cheap not nice one"
just don't, because you will be surprised sometimes, 
I was quite surprised myself that I managed to grab a few nice dresses that are super basic, 
and sometimes the more basic a piece of clothing is, 
the harder it is for you to find and sometimes quite pricey like Topshop. 
We also can't deny that Topshop has a few super nice pieces that normal shops don't carry, 
so if you can't find then we have no choice, 
but just try, 
like trust me! Because I would know, 
I even bought the first 3 dresses from some random ss2 clothing store that looks quite normal, 
but I was stunned with the basic pieces they brought in when I shopped there a few months ago.

That's it for my wardrobe style choices! 
I don't exactly have a fixed style, 
but if you ask me, 
I'm pretty minimal, 
nothing loud or vibrant, because for my height, it is difficult to pull off quirky or other girlish look. 

I hope you guys enjoy this post! 
till the next time :)


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