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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Every girls loves Sephora, 
well, at least I know I do! 
I've always enjoy shopping in Sephora, mainly because it is so convenient to get hold of the brands that I prefer and it also helps me save the hassle of traveling around to get several products since the online website is now available. 
If you have been following me on my blog or youtube, 
you guys would have probably known that I am obsessed with skin care products, 
I enjoy exploring new items on the rack and also experiment it myself so that I can improve my skin condition. 
Recently, about 2 weeks ago, I received a box full of wonders from Sephora, 
and it really amazed me how they always packed a box full of interesting things for me to test try and review! 
The last time, I received a makeup remover towel that said it could remove our makeup with just damping it with clear water, you can click HERE to read it. 

This time, they have included a bunch of amazing products that really come in handy for a person like me that suffers several daily life issues. 

Here's a peek in to the box of products that they have put together. 

The first product that I will talking about is this Estelle & Thild Bio Cleanse Deep Cleansing detox mask. 
You guys know how much I love my instant masks, 
just apply a thin layer for 5-10 minutes, rinse away and it will leave our skin feeling soft and clean! 
This mask, does the same, however, it is a little different from what I expected it to be. 

Now usually cleansing mask comes in a clay form which will then dry up after 5 minutes or so, 
I just find those kind of masks really hard to clean, 
without a facial towel, cleansing it could be a great effort I would say. 
This mask's texture is different, 
where it is a normal cream form in white color, 
and when it dries up, it turns into a matte texture which is not too thick and hard to cleanse! 
I love the feeling of it on my skin, 
I don't find it hard to cleanse, 
and most importantly, it leaves my skin feeling AMAZING!
If you're looking for something to refresh your skin in the morning, 
this could be the ideal quick and easy mask.  

This series of skin care looks super interesting to me, 
it reminded me so much of Chanel No.5 perfume hahaha
what I love most about it, is that it has numbers on it to guide us through the correct sequence of using it. 
So first, we have the Belle Frais Cleansing milk, 
next we would need to spray on some Citrus Rhapsody toner mist (spray on mists really save us alot of time and effort rather than using cotton pad)
Next is the Exotic Goodness Ageless Serum, 
Lastly, Vanilla silk Hydrating Lotion. 

I am currently obsessed with the spray on toner, 
the scent is really refreshing, 
giving you a hint of citrus and most of all, it smells like a peaceful spa. 
You can also bring this for traveling as the size of it is perfect, 
easy to slip in to our makeup pouch without being too bulky. 

I have never come across any of This Work's products, 
and was pretty stunned by the packaging of it. 
My very first impression was WOW. 
Deep Sleep Pillow Spray?!

I know what all of you are thinking, 
this product is just any gimmicky product that might not work. 
I was having the same thought, 
if you ask me, it sort of work psychologically instead of physically.
Thinking that a scent that you spray on the pillow will help you fall asleep faster might actually affect you into believing it, 
then of course, I put myself & Bryan to the test of this product, 
because both of us sleeps really late, 
and sometimes, too late to even fall asleep peacefully because it has passed normal human's bedtime.

It has a strong lavender scent, 
and according to online research, 
lavender scents do help eases insomnia and anxiety,
and from a study done at Britain's University of Southampton, researchers tracked the sleep patterns of 10 adults. For a week, half of the participants slept in a room where lavender essential oil was diffused in the air throughout the night; the rest snoozed in a similar room where a placebo--sweet almond oil--was released. After a week, the groups switched rooms. At the end of the study, the volunteers ranked the quality of their sleep 20% better on average when in the lavender-scented room. (Source: Sara Altshul -

My very own verdict was, 
yes, it does helps me sleep better, 
I don't dream as often anymore, as I used to smile to Bryan in the middle of the night which was terrifying to him, and even sleep cry/laugh. 
Nowadays, I can sleep better, 
but does it really really prove that this spray works?
I'm not sure, because it could be my own psychological problem hahaha
Other than that, I do enjoy the scent a lot, 
because I have a habit of diffusing lavender scents in my living room. 

This product is also by This works, 
It is a makeup primer name In Transit Camera Close-Up, 
I just love how they name their products!
Super duper cuteeeee!

It has a pump which makes most of our lives easier, 
and the texture of it is matte, not too greasy, 
which is why I enjoy it. 
I've applied it several times now, 
and although I don't usually have a habit of applying primers, 
this primer doesn't make your makeup feel cakey or heavy which is pretty not bad. 
I'll give it a 7 out of 10, because I've also tried Hourglass's primer which is definitely 11 out of 10 hahahah

The next holy grail product is the Fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum, 
I've also used it for 2 weeks now, 
I have been loving it and can't stop using it! 

Although it is a serum, 
it doesn't have the sticky or greasy texture, 
in fact, 
it feels very hydrating on the skin with a wonderful hint of rose scent. 
It is super light weight and it helps me achieve dewy complexion. 

June Jacobs is a fairly new brand to me as well, 
and since I have finished my Caudalie mist, 
it is time for me to try a new mist! 

I realized there is a theme going on in this very box, 
a natural theme which explains why it is named Natural Allure. 
I can't exactly leave the house without a mist, 
since I moved down to KL, I have been applying full face of makeup with foundation and stuff every single day, it leaves my skin dehydrated and trust me, 
the feeling is terrible. 
So using mists will help me lock in the moisture I need for my skin. 
This mist has a very spa like scent to it, 
(I know I'm terrible at describing things)
the extracts of this mist is from the blossom of bitter orange tree of South France which explains the scent of natural citrus scent. 
Together with Neroli Oil, bitter orange fruit extracts and patent-pending tea extracts, 
the mist will help revitalizes skin and combat visible signs of aging. 
for me, what I experienced from this mist was hydration, I use it day and night and up until now, 
it kept my skin feeling fresh.

Lastly, I will review the Caudalie Crème Moisturizing Sorbet, 
I know I say this everytime, 
but seriously guys, 
have you ever tried a sorbet ice cream?
if you have, you will know that it looks less glossy and creamy like a normal ice cream, 
and one you leave it in your mouth, 
it instantly melts into water. 

This is exactly how the product feels like, 
looks less creamy and glossy like ordinary moisturizer, 
when you apply it on your skin and blend it out, 
it turns into a watery texture and it ABSORBS SO FAST. 
It also has a very natural scent to it, 
very minimum amount of fragrance, 
but more towards natural chamomile scent. 
This product is great for people who doesn't want anything heavier, 
and it has a smaller chance of being too greasy to our skin that causes oil seeds, 
although I'm more to the drier kind of skin, 
but I balanced it out by using this day and night, 
up until now I don't see any flaking skin so it should work for anybody who has combination dry skin like me. 

That is pretty much it for my long and lengthy review for Sephora's Natural Allure box, 
100% tried and tested review with no bias, 
and so far, I am loving everything in it! 

If you are interested to read more of these reviews, 
do comment down below and let me know or if you have any questions, 
do leave me a message on Facebook or the comments section down there!
Here's the link to  Sephora,
if you guys are interested to purchase any of these products, 
do check them out!

I will talk to you guys soon!

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  1. Hello Jxhia,

    Can I know how do you get sponsored products from Sephora?? Btw, I read your post and I was so want to try the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray so so much!! <3