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Friday, May 20, 2016

Don't have any doubts, it is indeed yours truly, me. 
So recently me and several girlfriends created this group chat named "bikini body goals"
just to push ourselves to get a "bikini body" we actually set dates to work out together after class.
We're pretty serious about it, 
we start controling our diets, 
but of course, 
we are not the psychotic type that don't eat at all, 
we ourselves know very clearly that diet does not work like that. 
By eating healthy we meant by eating clean, 
drinking more water, cutting down on sugar and junk food. 

A few weeks ago, I received a parcel from my sponsor, 
and in the box, it contain of a Season's Love. 
The moment I unpacked it I have the same question as you guys right now, 
what does it do? 
the first sight of the name actually made me thought it was something to do with facial, 
but the function of this product blew me away and I have been using it for 2 weeks now just to see if it works on me! 

This is the Season Love box, 
very simple looking. 
After reading the directions of using this product, 
I got to know that it actually helps people firm up their flabby meat, 
in other words, it gives our body a better shape with firm looking skin.

The thing is,
does this product really really work? 
I mean we all know that there are a lot of gimmicky slimming products out there that can't be trusted, so today I will be writing an honest review for you guys, 
just going to briefly talk you through my experience of applying it, 
and also how effective it is.  

The ingredients and direction of applying it are all stated on the back of the package, 
so it is very informative, and also easy to understand.
They even included the suitable storage condition for the product and also stated the shelf life of it just in case some people leave it there for too long.

So this product is pretty straight forward to use, 
there's also a mini sticker on the cap of the tube to help consumers understand how to use it. 
ONE BIG MISTAKE I did was to twist the head of the product, 
which we aren't suppose to do it, 
because after that I broke it
Then I reordered another tube because the product would pretty much be useless without the massage head, so do keep in mind not to twist the massage roller head because it is meant to be attached on the tube.

The star of this product is partly because of the massage roller head, 
apparently it is a customized massage head that is by Germany and imported from pharmaceutical grade bearing ball, so it is safe for our skin, and will not be too harsh for human skin.
From what I know of, 
I have friends back in my hometown that actually go for slimming massages, 
so it instantly popped into my mind that a slimming gel would work so much better with an attached roller massage with it & it would make our life easier, 
because most of us don't have that kind of money to sign up for slimming treatments that costs thousands and thousands, 
so having a product that we can work with at home is the best solution for girls that face flabby problems.

The product is easily squeezed out from a tiny hole in the middle of the roller massage head, 
the product is lemon elixir in gel form, so it is clear and it absorbs into our skin really fast. 

The features of it does not only focus on slimming only, 
but also help us-
- Eliminate stubborn fats of necessary parts
- Prevent the conformation of lipid
- Firming up and promote the skin elasticity
- Dredge meridians, promote blood circulation, relieve from muscular fatigue
- Activate the deeper cell layers in order to smoothen and brighten skin
- Repair rough skin, reduce stretch marks and improve cellulite
- Brighten skin

For me, personally I don't find it sticky, 
I apply it only at night after I shower, but according to the description, 
we are supposed to apply it day and night for better results, 
just because I wasn't familiar with the texture and not sure whether it will be too sticky for me, 
so I choose to apply it only during the night time. 

Apart from that, I only use it on my thigh area, 
because that is my most concerned area compared to other parts, 
after applying it, I do feel that my skin have this warm feeling like a very mild burning sensation, 
but it is not painful at all, like super bearable. 

I'm going to be super honest and say that I've only used this for 2 weeks, 
and all I see was smoother and brighter skin, 
as for slimming, it did help me with my water retention on my fat thighs, 
and reduce a tiny part of my inner thigh that make my "thigh gap" not so fabulous, 
so instead of having a nice clean cut thigh gap, 
I have this bulging meat on the top part of my thigh which makes me look like I wore my pants too tight. -.-
But after using this product, 
the tiny meat is less bulging now, however, you can't use this for 2 weeks and expect to have bird legs, because you still need to work out and eat clean to get a nice body shape right?

I guess my verdict for this product is that that it works, 
but not overnight or over 2 weeks, 
so I guess I still need to keep using it if I want to see tremendous results, 
but for now I do see a tiny improvement of my thigh gap which I'm pretty glad about!! 

From this picture, 
you can tell that my inner thighs are a little bit more defined but not completely bird legs, 
because I do workout, I do run treadmills, 
I have a little bit of muscles there so its pretty impossible for me to get bird legs. 
But firming up my skin is indeed very important for me now because I just started going to the gym again recently and I haven't been working out for a very long time, 
so I'm afraid that once I stopped or have no more motivations to continue again, 
I will gain some stretched marks, 
that's why having a product that keeps my skin firm and bright now does make me feel psychologically more calm I guess? 

That is it for my Season Love's review, 
compared to an instagram post, I guess a blogpost would be more informative and easier to understand a product that you're interested to invest in, 
although it doesn't cost a lot of money, 
but we do not want to use something that is not safe on our body yes?
so my advice is, don't fully depend on any slimming product, 
eat your vegetables, 
do your squats, 
apply a little bit of products to make yourself feel and look better! 

So I end my post here, 
if you guys are interested in this product you guys can contact 

Nicole Tee on:

Whatsapp: 012-7221508


 WeChat: NicoleTee0614

Thank you guys for reading, 
I love you guys sosososososo much! 


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