Twin Date.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hello guys! 
I realized that ever since I moved to KL, I hardly take some time out to around to explore new cafés, 
up until a point when my friend ask me that hey, you're staying in KL now, 
you should know any nice cafés with good food or environment can recommend one right?
I'm ashamed to say 
"no I don't know" 
so when my good friend Shilyne came over, 
she sort of asked the same thing, 
but was actually quite clueless, 
so thank god she did some research and found this place in Naza Tower which is the BLVD café.

I've seen this place from my friend's instagram pictures before, 
but never really take notice because I thought its somewhere out of Malaysia, 
and what really caught my attention was the entrance of the door! 
It looks so classic and vintage I just love it! 

Here's my little buddy Shilyne, 
I sort of got to know her when I was 15, 
and if I am not mistaken, we met through twitter and got along really well. 
and for this date we sort of pre planned our outfits because we hardly get to see each other so often nowadays since we're staying in different states and she fly around the world quite often, 
so we wore similar twin outfits which explains the title of this post, 
and had tons of fun taking pictures 
*girls being girls*

Some of you asked where I got my shirt-dress from so I'm just going to list down the entire outfit details here:
Sunnies: Ellui Accessories
Shirt-dress: @lovedaisypetal
Chloé Faye inspired bag: Fashion Bloggerrr
Sneakers: Nike Air force 1

Both of us have a thing for shiny nails, 
so here's a shot of her nails, 
I didn't take mine but you can actually scroll to the bottom of this blog to see from my instagram hehe. 
Her nails are super cute!! Fendi inspired ! 

We ordered a good amount of tasty desserts for tea time in BLVD
and the only thing that we aimed to attack was the truffle fries!

Look how amazing that issssss
it comes with a dipping sauce that taste sort of like mushroom soup 
and I think it has a bit of cheese on the top of the fries too if I'm not mistaken.

That paparazzi candid shot that is not so candid after all hahahaha
I love friends that can do bullshit things like this with me 
main reason is because they understand and don't judge me hahaaha! 
Eh, when you have someone to teman you do girly things its actually quite fun one okay, 
better than using tripod and being all lonely.

I have to give it to her lovely mother who accompanied us last weekend, 
being the pair of eyes and hands behind the camera, 
super duper thankful for her mother for being so kind to help us take all these wonderful shots! 

So that ends my café twin session, 
now I remembered why I hardly blog about café hopping sessions or any hang out sessions with friends, because I just enjoy spending time so much I don't use my lenses to record the memory and moment of it, 
but I just preferred to keep it in my heart. 
A lot of times, 
people always assumed that bloggers take pictures of everything, 
snapchat everything, 
but when you truly enjoy a moment, 
you won't even think of touching any devices because you simply cherish that short moment that you currently have, 
for me, because I spend so much time with my phone and camera, 
I now realized how much I've missed out from a normal lifestyle. 

I know that the past 2 years I only focused on advertorials and paid posts, 
which I do feel really bad about because it made me feel like I've taken advantage of my blog page, 
and transforming it into a notice board. 
Nowadays, hanging out with the right people and clearing out my schedule properly, 
I got to do more things I like, 
did I mentioned I started dancing again last week?
I am really glad that I got back on my footsteps of dancing after about 4-5 years, 
I really really love the feeling of moving with with the rhythm, 
if you're a dancer you would understand. 

I also made myself more contented, 
by making more Youtube videos because I simply enjoy editing it, 
spending more time with my puppy, 
and also writing on this page more often now too. 
Although this post is nothing much, 
not very interesting, 
but at least I still get to edit the pictures, 
learning new editing skills myself and also to update a little bit of things to you guys! 
 Its the feeling of not taking advantage my subscribers, and readers by just overflowing them with advertorials and paid posts which feels great hahahah 

That ends my post here! 
here's a picture of my sad looking puppy which is now a grown woman!!!
She got her 2nd period already and she's so much more tame now,
not so crazyyyy like last time, 
if you followed my snapchat, you would know that my dog is super active and hyper, 
now she is so tame, 
and clever, like know where to pee and where to drink water all.
I know, I'm a proud mom HAHAH

thank you guys for reading once again, 
love you guys so so so so so much! 

till the next post, 

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