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Friday, November 25, 2016

Hello jxhiawong.com
its been a good few months since I last updated here, 
nothing much has changed apart from hair color, 
priorities and maybe a little weight changes too (by this I meant + not -)
If you've been a loyal reader ever since 6 years ago,
you would already know that I don't write as often as I should, 
and every year, 
when I feel like I took advantage of this page and just posting endless advertorials, 
I will take a break and stop posting, 
you know, 
like reboot or cleanse. HAHA

I want this page to fill with something I believe in, 
things I want to share.
Only up until 2 weeks ago I received several requests for blogposts regarding my recent Japan trip.

Should I do it....?
I wasn't sure at first but I pity my mom for being my photographer for the entire 12 days of Japan trip, 
so here, I announce that 
1. I will be writing about my trip but separated to different categories.
2. there WON'T be part 1, 2 or 3 like how we do it the old school way.
3. videos will be included in every post.

Let's start with my very first, 
I have travel to a winter country before, 
but so far, 
not during autumn, 
my worse experience was winter.
So I thought that if I survived great wall of china during winter, 
mount fuji won't kill me during autumn............
guess I was wrong.
here are my top 6 outfits throughout the entire trip, 
already tried to glam up for japan during the cold weather okay. hahahhh
Autumn is a very unpredictable weather, 
it could be super cold, but sometimes it could be tolerable, 
plus I did my research before flying over and news reported that Japan is extra cold during the time I'm travelling there......hence, I wrapped myself up like Michelin.

Location: Tokyo, Mount Fuji.

Beret- japan
outer- uniqlo
joni jeans- topshop
pug mini backpack- typo
guns & roses tee- missguided
sneakers- puma

Location: Nijo castle, Kyoto.

LOOK #2 
pug tee- bershka
hoodie- *Stolen from boyfriend* uniqlo
tights- uniqlo 

Location: Meiji garden@shinjuku, Shibuya street & Ikejiri street, Tokyo.

Look #3
Denim jacket- forever21
shirt- zara
joni jeans- topshop
sunnies- medium rare

Location: Kinkakuji temple & Arashiyama @ Kyoto.

Look #4
Outer- Zara
long sleeves heat tech- Uniqlo
silk dress- Carlibybel x Missguided
sock boots- Missguided

Location: Nara.

Look #5
bomber jacket- Missguided
top- Kitschen
tulle skirt- Zara
hat- Forever 21
Sneakers- Puma

Location: Universal studios, Osaka.

Look #6
Oversized denim outer- WeGo
Choker- WeGo
Oversized sweater dress- Missguided
tights- Uniqlo

So there you have it, 
my top 6 outfits from my entire 12 days trip! 

Here's my "What I wore" video

More updates on the way, 


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